Now we looked using a refs and some of the best tools available. What are people most searching regarding the topic of divorce today, and the results were surprising.

The number one thing that people would search for was how to get one or how to start one. It was rather famous people divorce articles. Those by far have the most traffic regarding the topic of divorce.

Another very popular topic is how much sex you should be having with your partner during your marriage relationship. Of course, with the fear that if you don’t, you could end up in divorce. Look at the traffic numbers. And that was at

Now the topic of whether or not you can make it while sleeping apart: Mallika Rao says everyone should sleep alone, and in fact it can improve your sleep. Nope that doesn’t mean you’re going to have to get a divorce.

And a fourth, hugely popular, topic in the realm of divorce Googling is, what are the signs that your partner is going to cheat?’–this article from (again very popular with twenty one thousand organic visitors a month and going up).

Another popular topic is, what does the Bible say about divorce, Google? And so there’s a tool called that can pull up citations on that for you if you’re searching. But again, a popular topic not nearly as popular as the famous people divorces.

Now the sixth the topic that people really seem to look for and read on the internet are articles that talk about the signs that you are going to be divorced–the predictors of divorce–and one very popular article on this is 24 Relationship Red Flags That You Should Never Ignore at What’s fascinating about that is that absolutely no one (including the entire internet) can predict for you whether you are going to get divorced.

So that’s a pattern that we saw when we did this analysis of what people are most searching regarding divorce. We want Google to tell us answers to profoundly personal things that Google really does not know. When we search for Angelina and Brad’s divorce, are we wanting to know the moment what happened the story the hub behind-closed-doors thing?

Let me read the articles about predicting divorce. Are we asking “Is our spouse cheating on us?” And, as we all suspect and say often in our own words, whatever you may be thinking about your own divorce, your parents divorce, your best friend’s divorce, your possible future divorce, or the possibility that your spouse may be cheating which will lead to divorce, the internet is here to support you in those thoughts.

So this has been informative. What people actually want to know about divorce is not the things we might suspect, like how to file a divorce.

This has been from If you’re parting ways, part as friends.