Infographic on how to act during a divorce in Texas from a divorce lawyer

If you ever find yourself in the middle of a divorce case, you will be astonished at how many rules apply to you during that time. 

The Court takes a sort of possession and ownership of your assets during this time, so you do not have the same measure of control that you had when a divorce was not going on. 

The Court wants to make sure that you are giving it the control that it legally has to yield.  Do not try to resist this part of your divorce.  

It can be difficult to prioritize what matters, because there will be a lot to keep in mind.  The professionals that are helping you will be able to assist with this.

One thing is for sure. Above are 10 things that you should know would be harmful to your divorce case. 

The best rule of thumb is actually simply just to treat others how you want to be treated EVEN IF they are not doing so for you. 

But, also there is a cadence involved with getting divorced that is not common sense.  For instance knowing that your text messages will be used in your case is not common sense. 

But, knowing to always be kind in your text messages could be considered following the golden rule.  Remember to get good legal help. 

Do not do the 10 things in the list above.