We Write The Papers For You

Your divorce is not a cookie cutter.

Whatever your needs are, we can draft them to protect you.

You may need assurance that your spouse cannot get your future earnings;

Provisions to transfer the vehicle title, or title to the home;

Provisions for your belongings, like the wedding ring or family heirlooms.

It may seem like you could have any professional handle your divorce papers.  Please know that what is written in your divorce documents can vastly impact the outcome of your case.

Cook & Cook will obtain your unique divorce agreements, by sending you to a settlement Link designed and authored by a divorce lawyer.  This allows you to easily communicate what you want in this divorce.

An experienced drafting professional will turn your divorce agreements into a contract, that both spouses are bound to, as a part of the divorce.

It is so important for you, your children and your estate that this is done right.

Let us help.

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