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Our United Divorce Philosophy

If a couple is parting ways in a divorce, it is best to try first to part as friendsWe are not here to inspire you to fight with each other.

non-contestedYou may think this is common sense, that all Law Firms should be this way, but did you know, there is a lot more money for a Firm to make in a divorce when the couple is fighting?


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A 60 Day Uncontested Divorce Process

The Part as Friends Divorce Process

1. Hire the Firm

2. We file the case.

3. We draft the papers based on your needs. 

4. We go to court with one spouse in 60 days. 

Read a detailed list of how our divorce process works here.

(We do not inspire fighting).

The Part as Friends Divorce is Designed With Children in Mind.

Yes, a big reason to have a part as friends divorce approach is to help your co-parenting future.  Certainly your type of divorce service can impact your relationship with your ex, and can impact your children. Here at Connor & Connor, your divorce plans can include a Children’s Bill of Rights, to protect the parent child relationship on both sides. Your divorce custody schedule can be written based on the real work/life schedule of Mom & Dad.


So, Are You Eligible to Part as Friends? Check Here:

1. Do both you and your spouse agree to be divorced? (Answer must be yesIf you are not sure, click here for your options).

2. Can you and your spouse sign off on our divorce papers as how to divide assets, debts and how to share in raising your children (if applicable)? (Answer must be yes.  If you are not sure on your options for agreement, click here).

3.  Is either spouse pregnant or in a pending bankruptcy proceeding? (Answer must be no.  If the answer is yes, click here for your options).

4.  Have either you or your spouse lived in your particular county of Texas for the last 6 months (Answer must be yes.  questions on this? click here). More questions? Email [email protected]

5.  Has your spouse hired a lawyer that has served you with papers or has filed documents in your divorce case? (Answer must be no.  If you have been served with divorce papers, you have a contested divorce and the part as friends divorce service will not work for you at this time).

Ready to start your case? (210) 686-7622. This number calls several of our lawyers simultaneously to help get you to a lawyer faster.  Or email [email protected].  Or, just order our lawyer divorce service online here.


Our Legal Reputation & Reviews

We are one of the “good guys” in a divorce industry where there are too many bad apples to count.

For proof, just Google us:

  • 45 FIVE STAR DIVORCE Google Reviews here.
  • 17 FIVE STAR DIVORCE BBB Reviews here.
  • 6 FIVE STAR DIVORCE Yelp Reviews here.

We offer a 5 Star part as friends divorce service (See Yelp, Google, Nearby Now & the Better Business Bureau).

Prices & Fees

We know you are busy and you need to know the price as quickly as possible. We are not hiding the ball on the prices.

The incredibly helpful and clear Part as Friends divorce price structure is a main reason why the service is so popular among divorcing couples. 

Unlike in the traditional divorce, where you pay by the hour, your part as friends divorce has a fixed price for the lawyer to handle the entire thing.

We have a calculator that you can use to see your total divorce price here.

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But, What If Your Case is Not Friendly or Uncontested?

We know that some divorces will not be a bed of roses.  And, sometimes even a divorce that starts off nicely, will end in a fight.  

The great thing about starting a divorce the “part as friends” way is that you can roll the case into a contested divorce with our Firm later, if it becomes necessary.  

We’ve thought through every step of every divorce, big and small, and are ready to handle the entire thing.

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