Are You Truly Ready to Get Divorced?

Before filing for a divorce, you should use the wisdom of others that have been through it.  About 40% of married couples have gone through divorce, and they have learned about the experience already.  Google them, and find out what their personal experiences have been.

Consider reading Mira Kirshenbaum’s Book: Too Good To Leave, Too Bad To Stay which is about whether you are likely to be more happy after divorce, based on your reasons for leaving.

divorce agreement

Our lawyers are experts at getting you through the legal process.  We cannot tell you whether you should get divorced.

You should use the web as a starting point to learn about the emotions and unexpected consequences of being divorced.

Before deciding on getting a divorce, I recommend that you read the following two articles:

Article 1 On Unexpected Things About Being Divorced (shared 500 times on Huffpost at time of publishing this page)

36 Things I Wish Someone Told Me About Divorce:

Excerpt: “He’s not going to be there.  Ever. Never again in the way that he was.  He’s gone. For good.” … read more.

Article 2 On Unanticipated Things About Being Divorced:

8 Things No One Ever Tells Your About Divorce

3 Important points from the above linked Wevorce article:

  1.  You will have to continue a relationship with your ex, but it will be different.
  2.  The divorce itself begins after the papers are signed.
  3. You will waste money in court, fighting over disagreements after the divorce.

I recommend this reading because as a divorce lawyer, it is important to me that I am not motivating couples into becoming divorced.  If you read the articles and you think “this just does not change our status whatsoever” then very likely you are simply ready to proceed with a divorce.

If the articles make you second guess your choice, then maybe you are not ready to file.