On the day of court, you will go to 1000 Guadalupe Austin, TX 78701.  The Courthouse looks like this:


divorce court travis county


When you walk in, you will see a bulletin board that says where the Family Law Docket is Assigned for that Day.  This Will Tell you What Floor of the Court To Go To:


*IMPORTANT:  Do not worry if you do not see your case listed on the docket, on the computer.  You are still set for court.

If you want to double check on where to meet your lawyer, you can go to the District Court Clerk’s Office on the third floor of the building, and ask where the uncontested family law prove ups will take place for the day.

divorce court travis


You Will Wait For Your Lawyer Just Outside the Courtroom Door


travis county divorce hearing


Your Lawyer Will Greet You, and Walk You Into Court.  When You Are Called, Your Lawyer Will Ask You the Following:

§  Please State Your name,

§  Who are you married to?

§  Was the husband or wife in this case living in San Antonio for 6 months prior to filing for this divorce?

§  Did you file for divorce more than 61 days ago?

§  Did you file for divorce because of irreconcilable differences?

§  Any chance you will get back together?

§  How many minor children do you and your spouse have?

§  Is the wife pregnant? (Answer must be no– please contact immediately me if the answer is yes)

§  Does the decree fairly divide your property?

§  Did you and your spouse sign this decree?

§  Are you asking the court to grant

Rules to Keep In Mind About Travis County District Court:

Keep in Mind:

You cannot bring extra clothing into the Bexar County Court;

You cannot bring children or babies into the courtroom;

You cannot wear shorts or inappropriate clothing;

You should expect your hearing (including the waiting time) to last no more than an hour;

We only have a short timeframe allotted for your uncontested divorce so please do not be late.