How Do You Know If You Found “The One” To Marry?

Many say that when he is right, you know.  To help ensure you have a long happy relationship, the following factors play an important roll in the answer of whether he is “The One”:

  1. You should share a lot of similarities;
  2. You can learn to share your religious views or at least respect them;
  3. You can learn to peacefully share political views;
  4. You can learn to agree on finances; and
  5. Neither person is abusive physically or emotionally
The one to marry

How the One Quiz Was Made

The way that The One Quiz was made was by simply having a divorce lawyer (Megan Cook) write out, over several weeks, the pattern problems that people voice when explaining why they are getting divorced.

The goal of finding the right answer to this question is to make a successful choice, where the person you marry is the person you stay happily married to.

the one to marry

Below is a Quiz We Call “The One Quiz”

It’s a free quiz.  You just answer the questions and receive the answers in your email. Then, you have your partner do the quiz.  BUT, be careful.  Do not do the quiz together! 

Especially, during your early stage love, you may change your answers to make sure you still feel compatible with your partner.  This is not a good plan.  Honest answers lead to true red flags.


red flags when choosing who to marry

So Are You Ready For The One Quiz? Go Here: (or read more about who to marry below)

Who Will I Marry? 

I think girls think about the question “who will I marry” more than boys, but I have no proof.

Yet, this important question should not be framed in the mind as though destiny is going to throw a prince in her path to see her and to “save” her.

Rather, the person asking should be prepared to seriously evaluate who would be the best life and business partner (because life involves a lot of business!)

And the bottom line is that the more alike and aligned you are, the less you fight.

This Article From Oprah’s Website talks about signs that you are falling in love:

This article from Oprah site says the following are indications that you are falling in love: 

  • It feels right.
  • You see a future with them in it.
  • Friends are noticing.
  • You want to say those big three words.
  • Their traits become your traits.
  • You’re kind of freaking out.

These are great feelings, but as a divorce law firm, we are the people that hear the  “it’s over” stories, and these stories often start with “It felt so right” or “we said we were in love right away” or “all my friends thought I was so different.”  

 These may be signs that you are falling in love, but they are not signs that you have fallen in love with the right one!

This is where people go wrong.  They think that feelings are the center of all action in marriage. 

Feelings can be unreliable.  

More down to earth questions like those in The One Quiz indicate the necessary alignment with the potential partner. 

Don’t You Think That All Contestant’s on The Show, “The Bachelor,” Should Take This Quiz?

When it gets down to deciding on final contestants, the bachelor is going to be attracted to them, because they are beautiful and in shape and he chose them!  But, now he needs down to earth data on who he is the most aligned with for his life plan; – The One Quiz can help him see differences more objectively.