On your payment plan, your case moves one step ahead each month! We do the work for you. 

$327 per month for 6 months

Step 1: We confirm jurisdiction and eligibility is correct. We set your case up with your Part As Friends Lawyer. We draft your petition. 

Step 2: We e-file and confirm your friendly case with the Judge in your County. 

Step 3: We write your divorce decree.

Step 4:  We revise your decree as needed, and draft closing papers.

Step 5: We coordinate and set your final hearing with the District Court.

Step 6:  We attend and handle your final hearing.

Part As Friends offers the better service when you compare other places that do not include an actual lawyer OR a final hearing to get your divorce actually finalized* 


Megan Victoria Connor

Megan Victoria Connor

Managing Partner of Connor & Connor Law Firm, PLLC

Megan is responsible for all divorces that utilize the Part As Friends Payment Plan and she is your supervising point of contact during your case.