Does the Mom Always Win Custody Battles in Texas? Not Always, But Still Often.

We see that mothers are still often favored at times in family law disputes, over fathers.  However, with proper advocacy, Dad’s right to be joint or even primary manager of the kids can be accomplished.  The question is, what is best for the children? 

What Are The 8 Main Things a Good Custody Lawyer Will Do For Men in a Custody Battle? Task 1 of Your Lawyer is:

The first important task of your lawyer is to help you decide whether he or she is the right lawyer for you.

Are your divorce or custody outcome goals in alignment with what this lawyer believes he/she can accomplish for you?

If you are a Dad wanting to win primary custody, does this law firm agree that this outcome would be in the best interest of the children involved?

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Task 2 of Your Child Custody Attorney- Learn About Your Family

After the lawyer has assessed whether he or she can help you with your sole or joint custody goals, next the lawyer needs to learn the background information on the family.

Gathering this information through modern online questionaries that the law firm has can save you time, and legal fees in your custody dispute.

Since there is a lot of family information for your lawyer to learn, it is good to ask your lawyer what mechanism the firm uses to gather your data?

  • In person?
  • On the phone?
  • Through their website?
  • Through email?custody questionnaire

Keep in mind, the more in person time, the more the expense!

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Task 3 of Your Custody Lawyer- Strategize on Temporary Custody

In divorce or suits affecting the parent child relationship in Texas, the first court hearing will take place 1-2 weeks after you hire your custody lawyer.

This hearing will enable the judge to decide on where the children will reside during the pending lawsuit.

The importance of investing in legal help during this step cannot be overstated.  This step is a mini-trial that sets the tone for the final hearing. 

Losing this hearing can hurt your ability to win the final custody trial.

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Task 4: Negotiate The Parts of the Lawsuit That Can Be Settled.

You may feel that you and the other parent of your children cannot agree on a single thing.

The best custody lawyers in Texas are going to be able to show you that certain battles in this case are worth it, and others are losing battles.

And, the best custody lawyers are going to help you focus your case funds and energy on winning positions.

Inexperienced lawyers sometimes fight for outcomes that they did not know could not be won in their particular court, with their particular facts.

Many large custody battles are because inexperienced lawyers do not properly advise their client’s of the liklihood of success.

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Custody Lawyer Task 5: Research The Law In Light of Your Facts

People assume that lawyers already know all of the laws.  There is no way to know all of family law.  It is a vast body of information that grows every day with each new case in Texas.  

To position you to win your custody case, experienced family lawyers know that research is vital.  

Research enables the lawyer to find other cases that are similar to yours and assess whether shared custody was the outcome in other similar cases.

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Child Custody Attorney Task 6: Draft Trial Pleadings

Writing divorce or SAPCR documents in preparation for trial is among the most technical parts of winning your case, and perhaps the most important.

In Texas family law, you can only win what you have properly requested in your pleadings.

Custody cases are won and lost based on the legal documents that are written for you by your attorney.

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Task 7 of Your Family Lawyer In a Case Involving Children: Make an Evidentiary Plan For Each Piece of Evidence

You would be astounded at how often this step is skipped in custody cases.

When a person’s case budget is tight, this is often the part of your case that is overlooked or skipped to “save” you money.

So, say that you sent your lawyer a text message that the mother of the kids sent to you, that is damaging to her case.

You sent the text expecting that your lawyer could easily use it at your trial.


Unless your lawyer sets up a careful strategic plan to explain to the court that this text message is: 1)  authentic, 2) not forged,  3) not hearsay, and 4) relevant, the other attorney will be able to prevent this text message from being presented.

There are entire books published on how to get evidence entered at trial because it is enormously difficult in some cases.

Thousands of dollars can be spent on legal fees to enable a lawyer enough strategic time to plan what would seem like simple evidence.

If this step is skipped, your evidence is often excluded and not used at the most important time of your case (your trial).

Custody Attorney Task 8: Rehearse & Present Your Case At Your Trial

Finally, your lawyer will have everything that is needed to help prepare you to go to your custody trial.

There, your lawyer will present evidence on child support, visitation and a parenting plan that you seek to have.

The Court or jury will listen to the evidence and decide on how much support will be paid, who will pay it, the visitation schedule for both parents with the kids, and the managing rights of the parents.

While there are other steps, these are among the most significant.

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