What If You Already Filed the Divorce And Now You Want a Lawyer

Rest assured that if you filed for a divorce without a lawyer, and now you want one, that you are not alone.  The waiting period to get divorced in many Texas counties is longer if you do not have a lawyer, because of the local rules surrounding the process.  If you do not have a lawyer, you will have to practice some civil procedure, which takes a lot of time to navigate through. People don’t have extra time these days and do not want to spend precious free time on learning family law. So, many people hire lawyers after starting the case without one.


need lawyer after I filed divorce

Cook & Cook will discount your case in the amount of filing fees you already paid.  Many people feel that since they have started the case, that the legal fees involved should be much lower.  This is not true.  Often, the forms that are used to start the case have to be amended and re-filed.  Your divorce lawyer needs to go through the same list of legal questions that are necessary for the case, regardless of whether you started it alone.  But, it is very easy for our Law Firm to give notice to the court that the case that you originally filed alone, is now being handled by us.  We simply file a notice of appearance, and we are listed as your lawyer of record from that point until the end. We offer the same divorce services to people who have started their case alone, to people starting their case today.  You can use this link to begin.