Starting Your Divorce Case FAQ

Please note, this resource page is written for current Cook & Cook divorce clients, and is not written for contested divorce cases or for people trying to get divorced without an attorney.  Also note, if you have a different law firm representing you, that firm likely handles the administration of your divorce differently than we do. This is our uniquely and conveniently designed divorce process for our own, cherished clients.

Submit Evidence

In an uncontested divorce case, the parties are not required to analyze or submit evidence nearly to the extent that is the case in a battle type divorce.  However, sometimes, to help your lawyer better inform you about the likely outcome of a situation or to help you understand how your case would play out in light of certain evdince you have, you may want to submit evidence you have in your possession.  Also, if your lawyer directs you to send over a picture, or text history, this form is the more effective way to communicate, rather than just emailing and trying to explain.

The Final Hearing FAQ