The Texas Divorce Answer (Exactly What to File When You Have Been Served)


Wondering what you need to do when served Texas divorce papers?  This document is the exact document that lawyers file throughout the State of Texas when they are hired to answer a divorce case for their client.  It is is a general denial document and will serve to ensure that the court cannot take a default judgment against you. The deadline for filing an answer is 20 days from the date you are served with the document. This document is 1.5 pages long, and is hosted on Google Docs, so that you may download it and edit it.

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This document is 1.5 pages long, and is the exact document lawyers and lay people can file for any Texas divorce case within 20 days after being served with a divorce petition.

This document is hosted on Google Docs, so that you may download it and edit it.

The first thing that happens in most divorce cases is a person files for divorce, and then has their spouse served with papers. how to serve a Texas divorce papers Getting served with papers puts many people in a panic, especially because divorce petitions almost always ask for legal fees. The truth is that legal fees can be difficult to win in Texas divorce cases, for either person, but you have to ask for them in the papers or the judge is not even allowed to consider offering them in the case.  When you are served, you should consider talking to a lawyer about your options.  Be aware of your deadline for filing a response with the court. deadline for filing answer to divorce papers Make sure to read the papers.  The Citation tells you that you have to file a written answer.  This product is the written answer that is acceptable in all Texas divorce cases.  The only time you do not want to file an answer is if your spouse filed the divorce in the wrong location.  Consult a lawyer if your spouse filed the divorce in a location that you object to. writing a response to a divorce petition Again, once you receive a citation and petition, you file an answer.  This product includes an editable answer document for you to download. what to do when served divorce papers infographic

served with divorce papers answer template

Just because you were served with papers does not mean your divorce has to be a nightmare.  People do reconcile after a divorce is filed.  It is advisable to file a divorce answer if you have been served.  However, if you do not want to be divorced and you have been served with divorce papers, you should file the answer AND reach out to your spouse and ask him/her to non-suit the case and go to counseling with you.

In any event, know that being kind in your communication after being served with papers is strongly advisable since all things you are writing, saying, texting, emailing or filing could become a part of your divorce case.

This answer template comes with multiple comments, explaining what parts of the document can be used or removed depending on if the case involves children.