Template Settlement Agreement



We use templates that have been built by lawyers and used in court.

Did you know that whether you pay $200,000 for a lawsuit, or $350 total, in the end, the entire lawsuit comes down to the FINAL ORDER or FINAL AGREEMENT? We identify a template that has been effectively used and tested in court already that can work as a starting point to build from.

Once the parties have actual language in front of them to try to agree to, major headway can occur to settling the issue and avoiding years in court over things that could have been identified sooner and settled more efficiently. If you want a template to work from, that has been used by others in the past, this is a great service.

It is $350 for the first hour, which always includes at least one template, and if you want support updating it or customizing it, the service is $350 per hour, as needed by you. Either one or both parties can use this service.