Non-binding Outcome / Decision



This service is a privatized alternative to a public judge. Either one or both parties can use this service. Submit the legal issue or case to Part As Friends®. A retired judge or experienced lawyer review your evidence remotely and issue back a case decision. Both parties can elect to accept the case decision to close the matter. The decision is non-binding, however the parties can also elect, prior to receiving the outcome, to pay $5,000 towards the other sides legal fees if the outcome is rejected, to inspire a settlement to occur. This service can be done by one party as well to research their case position and predict a likely outcome for the case. This is a service that is an excellent alternative if you are in a presiding court system, and have to wait for a judge for a long time, and are deadlocked on a legal issue.

The cost is $350 for the first hour, and the parties can elect to hire Part As Friends® for additional hours if the case is complex and requires more review and correspondence time.

Upon order, we will reach out right away with next steps.