Motion To Appoint Receiver / Order To Appoint Receiver Example


Motion to Appoint Receiver, with order to appoint receiver that was used in a Dallas County divorce by a lawyer successfully in 2022.

This is the redacted (sensitive data is removed) copy of a Motion to Appoint a Receiver as well as the Order the Court signed appointing the receiver in a divorce case.

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What do you do when your spouse will not cooperate with selling the house after it is ordered in a divorce?

Short answer:

You get a receiver appointed so that someone can help get the house sold, in your husband's place.

In the example documents, the case involved a divorce where the husband was trying to use the ownership of the house to control and torture his spouse.  In order to avoid credit damage, the wife's lawyer filed the Motion to Appoint a Receive and won the hearing in court which is evidenced by the Judge signing the Order Appointing a Receiver.

What is useful about this example product is that it is a real life example of how this actually got granted in Court.

This document was used in Dallas County, Texas in 2022, but it would work functionally the same in any court of Texas.

Of course, whether the judge would grant your individual motion would depend on the facts and the evidence presented, so this product must be used as a guiding example only and not as legal advice.

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