The Exact Decree Kelly Used With a Morality Clause


Editable Divorce Decree which has been accepted in a Texas District Court, includes all provisions necessary to be acceptable in form.

Orders that child will not be introduced to any romantic partners of ex spouse upon divorce until the relationship has lasted 6 months.  This type of provision is traditionally called a morality clause.

Decree includes a parenting plan that is very progressive and works to be in the best interest of the child.

Decree includes child support orders, shared joint custody visitation days, and format for parenting duties and parenting obligations, as well as standard language to divide minimal property.

The decree includes a Child’s Bill of Rights & a Loving and Caring Order.

All counties of Texas will accept this decree.  It is advisable to consult a lawyer to make sure it matches your needs.

Document length: 44 pages

Type of Document:  Final Decree of Divorce

Purpose of Document: Used as the final document to divorce a married couple in any county of Texas.

Sources of Law:  Texas Family Code

This document is not available for resale.


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This product is a completely Editable, Instant Download of complete Divorce Decree used successfully in Texas.

The product is an example of how one person wrote their divorce decree, which the judge accepted, to include a morality clause.

A Morality Clause can come in various formats but ultimately is meant to serve to prevent mom and dad from introducing a child to a new love interest.

You can imagine the scenario where a person just got divorced, and decides to have numerous partners in their home, that seeing these partners can harm a child in numerous ways.

Introductions to numerous adults during sleeping times increases a child's probability and likelihood of becoming sexually abused.

It is extremely important to take introductions to new romantic partners seriously, as it can damage a child's sense of stability.

Unfortunately, Courts have limited power to restrict these types of introductions to new romantic partners after a divorce, but the Morality Clause in this decree is one example of how parents have agreed to co-parent in light of the problem of introducing a new boyfriend or girlfriend to a child after a divorce.

It is important to understand that this is an example only and that you should consult a lawyer before using the language in this decree in your own case.

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