Email Mediation


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Mediation usually is in person or on Zoom. This can be greatly beneficial. However, we believe that email mediation is the way of the future because it allows the parties to resolve larger disputes over time. It allows a neutral third party at Part As Friends to learn all of the details of the case, and to assist with the time and attention that gives the highest chance at settlement. Long in-person Mediations that close cases because people are overly tired and cannot effectively negotiate can result in regret. Email mediation is non-binding and is aimed at closing your lawsuit. It works for personal injury, Google review disputes, commercial matters and family law cases. Using mediation reduces the unaffordable legal fees involved in lawsuits today. If you are going to invest in a service, you want to invest in something that moves the ball forward, and that is what this is.

We charge $350 for the first hour and $350 as needed per hour after the first hour.

One party can start this service and then both parties will be invited to join.