Sample Packet of Real Common Law Marriage Legal Documents Actually Used By Other Lawyers


Download your PDF version of curated selection of redacted legal documents filed by lawyers in common law marriage litigation cases in Texas in 2018 and 2019.  This will help you with your own legal strategy by getting a broad view of the types of legal arguments judges are accustomed to seeing in common law litigation.

If You Are Common Law Married, You Need To See What Lawsuits Are Filed in Texas.  Here is the Best Packet  Available to Help You Do That.

You Receive:

Upon payment, you have instant access to your PDF which is comprised of 6 redacted sample documents that were recently filed in common law marriage litigation cases in Texas by lawyers across the state.

  • Counterpetitioner’s Trial brief on Informal Marriage;
  • Brief in Support of Counter-Motion For Declaratory Judgement–No Common Law Spouse;
  • Plaintiff’s Motion For Partial Summary Judgment As To The Marriage Between ___ And ___;
  • Plaintiff’s First Amended Petition For Declaratory Judgment & Request For Disclosure;
  • Plaintiff’s Original Petition For Declaratory Relief;
  • Defendant Traditional and No-Evidence Motion For Partial Summary Judgment on Informal Marriage.

If a PDF is not what you need and instead you need editable formatted documents, we can send you a quote to reformat them into word. For a word version,  email [email protected]

How This PDF Packet Can Help You

Hours of detailed research goes into creating a PDF sample packet to find the most commonly used, best written documents available on a legal topic.

Usually what other lawyers are doing to practice law around a topic such as common law marriage is a blindspot, meaning you can try to write your own documents by researching cases or using blank templates, but you do not know what other lawyers are writing.  A packet like this helps you to know:

  1. How to write the best legal documents on common law marriage;
  2. How to compete with great litigators fighting you in a common law marriage lawsuit;
  3. How to avoid common law marriage lawsuits, by seeing what factual situations of other people resulted in common law marriage cases.
  4. How to PROPERLY advise other people on common law marriage situations.

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