When you go through the process of a Texas divorce, several documents have to be filed. you may wonder whether the documents are private, since they often contain sensitive information.

Are Divorce Documents Private?

Unfortunately, divorce documents are not private.  Divorce petitions, motions and final decrees are all available to the public.

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What Private Information Do Divorce Documents Have?

Among the most sensitive information that divorce documents have is a listing of assets and debts of the parties in the final decree of divorce.  Most people simply prefer that this information remain private despite that they are going through a divorce.

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Is There Anything I Can Do To Make My Divorce Documents Private?

Rather than list the assets and debts in your divorce decree, you can have what Chapter 7 of the Texas Family Code calls an “Agreement Incident to Divorce.”  This is a document that can be drafted which lists your asset and debt terms between your spouse.

How to keep divorce information private

The document is not filed with the court.  The Judge simply reviews it at the end of the divorce case for approval, and then the parties retain their own respective copies of it.  This way, the financial information of both spouses is not filed as a part of the divorce.

How Can Connor & Connor Law Firm Help Me With This?

If you are involved in a Texas divorce case, we can help you process your divorce to include the private Agreement Incident to Divorce, so that the financial information in your case will not be disclosed on your decree. 

Please understand that your spouse will need to be cooperative with your election to process the divorce in this manner, as the Agreement Incident to Divorce solution is a mutual contract that ultimately both parties will need to sign.

Regardless of your location in Texas, you can hire us to help you with your divorce, if it is an uncontested divorce.  

Uncontested divorce is where both spouses mutually want the divorce and are willing to sign off on the same terms of divorce, as to how children, assets and debts will be taken care of in the case. 

You can easily start your divorce with us by reviewing our prices, and even filing the case.  The privacy option that this page talks about is an optional service that goes with our divorce and is $375.00.  Our divorce services start at $1500, and you can review the exact price that would apply to you here.

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