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Reopening a Divorce Case- Timeline

When someone in Texas recently tried to reopen their divorce case more than 30 days after the case had closed, the court plainly said no: On December 24, 2019, appellants, Zsolt Petko and Zsuzsanna Adam, proceeding pro se, filed a "Motion to Reopen Case." The Texas...

Annulment Law in Texas

Texas Marriage Annulment: Does Divorce Law Provide for Legal Separation  In Texas, a marriage ends through divorce, death, or annulment. When a marriage is annulled, it is declared "void." Annulment in Texas is different from divorce. While a divorce ends a legal...

What People Most Google on Divorce

Now we looked using a refs and some of the best tools available. What are people most searching regarding the topic of divorce today, and the results were surprising.The number one thing that people would search for was how to get one or how to start one. It was...

Default Judgment Divorces

Default Divorce Cases in Texas (Getting Divorced When Your Spouse Will Not Participate In the Process) Click through this unique digital 3 minute course (free, no login required) on how default judgement divorces work in Texas...   Or simply watch the YouTube...

Screenshot Predicate With Metadata

If you are trying to enter a picture of a cell phone that contains metadata to, for instance, show the time stamp when a recorded conversation occurred, the below is the proper predicate: Screenshot of Recording Metadata   I’m showing you what has been marked as...

Children’s Bill of Rights

Most of the time, clients who have an uncontested divorce are also able to co-parent pretty well. They manage to anticipate and reduce conflict, and have agreements about who makes certain decisions in their children’s lives. They usually are hyper-focused on the best...

Undoing Divorce Agreements

Say that you and your spouse have agreed that you are going to be divorced.  Say, that you have actually signed a written agreement about the terms of the divorce. How enforceable is this written agreement, and can you or your spouse UNDO or take back the agreement?...

Texas Loving and Caring Order

There’s a general idea that a court cannot order a parent to be a good parent. While that is true in most scenarios, sometimes the parties can agree or a court will order that specific language is put in the final decree to ensure each parent is caring for the child...

Does it Matter Who Files the Divorce?

Does the Judge Care Who Files the Case Sometimes a person wants to leave a marriage but is worried that the court will look disfavorably at the spouse who started the divorce case.  Others think the judge will automatically favor the person who filed the case because...

Are Your Divorce Documents Public?

There are certain documents that are filed to process any divorce in Texas.  Among these, are the petition for divorce, the waiver of service and the final decree of divorce.  All of these documents are public documents.  This means that anyone can go to the District...

Must Live Here to File Divorce Here

  Hi!  I woke up this morning and saw that I had two questions from clients regarding the residency requirement when filing for divorce. If you are confused by terms like jurisdiction, venue and residency after surfing the web for answers on this, you are not...

Check if Your Spouse Filed Your Divorce in Bexar County

Let me guess-- your spouse has told you that he or she already file the divorce case. You have not received notice and you have not been served. Since, this is an important process that impacts you, you want to know right away whether it is in fact true that your...

Refinance Vehicle Decree Language

When to Use Language If the terms of divorce involve a joint car lien, then unless they can pay off the lien as part of the terms of divorce, then the party that gets the car should be ordered to refinance it. Decree Language Example For Refinancing Car ASSET AWARD of...

Closing Joint Accounts

When to Use the Provision If the parties will have joint accounts after the divorce is over, there should be an enforceable deadline for when the parties will have to close the accounts, as bank accounts can be overdrawn, which can result in liability to an ex-spouse...

Child Born Out of Wedlock, Decree Language

How to Draft Decree of Divorce, When a Child is Born Outside of the Marriage By the Mother The proper way to proceed is to have the biological father execute a file an acknowledgement of paternity before the attorney general, and have it filed. If you are able to get...