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Termination of Parental Rights Case in Idaho

  Father lost parental rights in Idaho termination of parental rights case for neglect of the child in 2022, and history of domestic abuse. In the Matter of: Jane Doe I, A Child Under Eighteen (18) Years of Age. STATE OF IDAHO, DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND WELFARE,...

Termination of Parental Rights Case Won by Father

  Termination of parental rights case was won by father who did not get proper appointed counsel. IN THE INTEREST OF J.H. No. CAAP-21-0000316.Intermediate Court of Appeals of Hawai'i.January 31, 2022.Appeal from the Family Court of the First Circuit, (FC-S NO....

Termination of Parental Rights in Florida

Termination of parental rights case results in father losing rights to child in Florida in 2022. N.F., father of N.F. and N.F., Each a Child, Appellant, v. DEPARTMENT OF CHILDREN AND FAMILIES, Appellee. No. 1D21-865.District Court of Appeal of Florida, First District....

In this recent 2022 Arkansas case, mother's rights were terminated despite her appeal.  She was selling drugs from her home in a location the child could access and she was not given any room to try again from the court.   2022 Ark.App. 33 ELIZABETH GARNER,...

Father Wins Termination of Parental Rights Case

Olena Kalytiak Davis, Attorney for father won this termination of parental rights case on his behalf, arguing among other things that the State failed to unify the father with the child(ren).  Great job, Ms. Davis!Here is the case:483 P.3d 896 (2021) CLARK J.,...

Father’s Rights

What Are Dad's Parenting Rights? As you can see in the table below, not just in your state, but across the United States there is a simple presumption that father has the right to do all things needed to raise his child so long as it is in the child's best interest....

Divorce Petition Download

Here is a free downloadable divorce petition for Texas cases that will work in almost all District Courts throughout the State of Texas.  This is free.  It is free because we hope it will simply help you figure out what filing a divorce looks like, and we want you to...

Divorce Without Court

Actually, the answer is no.  In Texas it is impossible to get a divorced completed from start to finish without the signature of a Judge. In order to be divorced, a decree of divorce has to be signed in a courtroom. The only way to avoid going to court to actually be...

Can Divorce Papers Be Served With Email?

As of 2021, Texas law allows a person to be served with notice of a divorce via email, however not without following some difficult steps with the court first. Here is the specific law on this topic, which can be found under Texas Rules of Civil Procedure 106: Rule...

Texas Residency Statute To File Divorce

SUBCHAPTER D. JURISDICTION, VENUE, AND RESIDENCE QUALIFICATIONS Sec. 6.301. GENERAL RESIDENCY RULE FOR DIVORCE SUIT. A suit for divorce may not be maintained in this state unless at the time the suit is filed either the petitioner or the respondent has been: (1) a...

Mortgage Pre-qualification & Child Support

Incorrect Mortgage Prequalification Letter Results in Big Loss to Single Mother in Austin Here is what happened to Kimberly Hogan. Kimberly Hogan and her daughter lived in Colorado but planned to move to Austin. So, Hogan applied to Aspire Financial for a home loan...

Can I Sue The Government?

The three sorts of situations that Texas governmental immunity is waived:1.  You can sue the Texas government for its use of publicly owned automobiles.2. Premises defects.3. injuries arising out of a condition or use of tangible personal property.Can I Sue The...

How to win the house in your divorce

If the house was purchased during the marriage, the judge can award the house to either person or order that the house will be sold. Here are some of the best ways to win the house in a divorce in Texas: First, show the judge that you can afford it by showing that you...

Texas Divorce Residency Requirement

It is true, in order to file for divorce in Texas, you have to physically live here for at least 6 months.  You also have to live in your county where you are filing the divorce for at least 90 days.  If you do not live here and your spouse does, that is fine as...

Emancipation of Minor Law in Texas

To Remove Minority Status in Texas, The 16 or 17 Year Old Has To Prove That He or She is Financially IndependentSome Teenagers Need to Fly a Little Sooner Than Thier Childhood (Or "Minor") Status Allows.Here is a link to the actual redacted forms that Alex filed in...

Exactly What To Do When Served Divorce Papers: 8 Steps

Step 1.  First Know What It Means—What Does “Serving Divorce Papers” Even Mean? In order to be divorced in Texas, there is a particular set of steps a person legally has to take for a judge to sign off on the final divorce. One step is that a person has to be “served”...

Who Should File Divorce First?

This video is made by Megan Cook to help people understand that they do not need to stress out about being the first person to file for divorce. Bottom line:  There is not an advantage with the judge for filing the divorce first.

The One Quiz

How Do You Know If You Found "The One" To Marry? Many say that when he is right, you know.  To help ensure you have a long happy relationship, the following factors play an important roll in the answer of whether he is "The One": You should share a lot of...

Fidelity Retirement Divisions in Divorce

If you have a 401(k) or other retirement account with Fidelity, I hope this post will give you a piece of guidance for your starting point. When it comes to dividing retirement in a divorce case, there is a specific document that is used to divide each retirement...

What Happens If I Empty The Accounts During a Divorce?

Wright v. Wright shows what can happen in Texas, when one spouse empties the accounts at the beginning of a divorce case. In this case, linked to below, Jodie filed for divorce.  The same day, husband emptied out their joint checking and savings accounts.   He also...