Step 1. As your lawyer, I file your divorce online, and help you Part as Friends, while still protecting your assets and children (if applicable)

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About Step 1

We handle every single step. We will file your documents and pay the filing fee to the appropriate District Clerk. This step starts your waiting period that is required in Texas of 60 days.

Licensed family law attorney of Cook & Cook to review your submission, check for justification, and conflicts of interest.
Your lawyer will also use your online divorce filing to draft your petition for divorce, and attach the requisite case information sheet and standing orders.

Step 2. Answer my part as friends divorce questions online

Questions (kids involved)Questions (No kids involved)

About Step 2

What accounts does wife receive?  What vehicle does husband receive? We ask the questions at our settlement link, and you type your answers.

Your responses will enable your lawyer to write the documents for you.  We will counsel you on any questions you have as well.

Both spouses cannot submit one form, or both spouses can submit their own form.  It’s up to you.

Step 3. Review your divorce papers online (call anytime, you can reach me and my amazing legal team!)

Receive yours papers via email, go over on the phone and online with your lawyer
Ask for as many changes as you need and ask any questions that you have.

About Step 3

Once your documents are written, we will email them to you, and ask you to review them.

This is the time during the case where you most correspond with your lawyer to understand the terms of your divorce, and make sure you request any changes you need to see.

You can go over your documents during our suggested teleconference with your lawyer, or you can correspond via email to ask questions and submit added information.

Step 4. Once ready, your spouse will sign off. Online notarizations are available in Texas today.

A notarized signature is all we need from your spouse.
See Signing Instructions

About Step 4

The only participation needed from your spouse in a Part As Friends divorce is your spouse’s signature.

Your spouse will need to sign the decree before a notary public, as this adds a layer of protection to your spouse.

You will not need to sign the document until your final hearing. Again, your spouse will not need to attend court.

Step 5. Your Lawyer Finishes Your Divorce at Court

We conduct a five minute hearing, and you're free. Leave the logistics to us. (During COVID, most courts enable every step to be online, and nothing is done in person)


Once we have the signed decree back from your spouse, we set up your finalization hearing, and during COVID, it is rare that a judge in any court requires your in person attendance.

We set up notice with the court and send in all documents required.  We handle the final hearing.

Once the Judge approves and signs your decree at this final hearing, you are legally divorced. You can obtain a certified copy outside the courtroom in most counties.

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