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Dear __________________:

I am giving you this letter to formally inform you of my intent to file for divorce.

Before filing, I want to share with you the options moving forward on how this divorce case will be conducted, so that we can start off on the same page, which I think is the most fair way to proceed.

Having done the research, there are two basic ways to get divorced.


  1. Traditional Divorce
  1. Part as Friends Divorce

Please review the differences between the two options, so that you will understand what I am talking about.

Option 1: The Traditional Divorce

Both of us are likely to hire lawyers. The divorce will cost our family collectively between $5,000-$30,000 (estimate only).

Both of us will wait for around 8 months-1.5 years (just an estimate) while our divorce is pending.

Eventually, we will be able to tell our story in court or to a mediator, about what we feel happened during the marriage.

After hearing our evidence:

  1. The Court will divide our debts in a way it deems fair and just.
  1. The Court will divide all of our personal property the way it deems fair.
  1. The Court will divide our retirement/home or any other thing of value between us the way it deems fair.
  1. The Court will divide our parental duties and time with our kids the way it deems fair.

Option 2. The Part as Friends Divorce

We will spend between $1,500 and $3,000 getting divorced (estimate).

This divorce case will last about 61 days.

One of us will have a lawyer of record and the other one of us can have a reviewing lawyer, if needed.

The reviewing lawyer can help ensure that we understand the papers and the process of the divorce.

We will work together to agree on how we should divide our debts. We will ultimately decide and will tell the lawyer that agreement.

We will work together to agree on how we should divide our property and assets. We will tell the lawyer our agreements.

We will work together to agree on how we can share in raising our children, and will ultimately tell the lawyer our agreements as to the children.

A reviewing lawyer or the lawyer of record can help us understand our options so that we come to a fair agreement.

I would like to ask you to please initial the divorce option that you want me to proceed with.

I recognize that if we cannot come to an agreement on dividing our estate/and or children that we will not have a choice but to proceed with a contested divorce. So the purpose of this Notice of Intent, is to ask you what method you want me to start the divorce with.

I personally prefer the part as friends divorce, but I will respect your choice, either way.


I, ________________________________ choose:

Option 1: Traditional Divorce: ____________ (Initial here if you choose Option 1)

Option 2: Part as Friends Divorce: _________ (Initial here if you choose Option 2)

Date: _____________________________