Here is a link to an example 2023 Texas case where the parent’s parental rights were entirely terminated at the trial level, which was affirmed at appeal:

Termination of parental rights case

The following facts where the mother lost parental rights applied to the case as linked to above:

  • The child was 9 when the parental rights were terminated
  • CPS has been involved since the child was 2
  • The mother engaged in drug use
  • The mother did not take the child to medical appointments
  • The mother did not follow the advice of the ad litem
  • The child did not visit with the child on every occasion permitted to the mother
  • The mother did not allow CPS into her home to investigate it
  • The mother did not provide proof of income

If you pick up a CPS case, the Court in Texas wants to reunify you with your child.  They want to see that you follow all court orders and visit with your child on every possible occasion given to you.  They want to ensure you are not using illegal drugs.  People with less resources face bigger challenges with prevailing in State based parental termination cases because all steps realistically require a measure of economic resources.