Let me guess– your spouse has told you that he or she already file the divorce case. You have not received notice and you have not been served. Since, this is an important process that impacts you, you want to know right away whether it is in fact true that your spouse filed for a divorce from you.

Fortunately, there is a way to look through the public records in Bexar County, Texas to see whether a divorce case is pending.

Steps to Check If Your Divorce Has Been Filed

1.  Go to this website;

2.  Put in your name

3.  View the filing details.

Picture Guide to Check on Whether Your Divorce Case Started:

Go to this websiteis divorce case filed- check

Look through the results to find a divorce case, and click “view details.”

divorce filing bexar

Check to see that a petition has been filed:

check if divorce is filed

This means your divorce case has been filed.  If you see a decree of divorce, this means your divorce case has not only been filed, but has been completed and you are divorced.




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