Example Template Language For Transferring IRA or Brokerage Account in Divorce:

The total sum of Jon from the fidelity account in Petitioner’s sole name, account number ending in 222, with an approximate total balance, as of 10/02/2018 of $2000.

Injunction and Provisions Regarding Disbursement of Funds

Petitioner and Respodent are ORDERED to, on or before the 7th day after the date of divorce, execute any and all documentation required by Fidelity to allow megan to receive the sum of Jon as of the date of divorce, from the fidelity account ending in 222. Said removal of funds shall be a direct trustee-to-trustee transfer, and said funds shall be rolled over into megan’s personal fidelity account, solely. If no personal account exists in megan’s name, said account shall be set up for purposes of enabling this provision. If a different institution is desired for setting up the receiving account, and workable with Fidelity, the funds may be rolled into another account of megan, at megan’s discretion.

The parties are MUTUALLY ENJOINED from the removal of any funds from the fidelity account ending in 222 not specifically awarded to Megan until such time as the funds as awarded to megan have transferred tomegan as stated.