Getting a Divorce Processed, When There Are Already Attorney General Orders

If the attorney general is involved in your divorce case, then they are a party of interest that has to be served with notice of the divorce.  However, if you are processing a divorce that will not in any way change the final orders that the AG entered regarding child support or custody, then you can simply incorporate their orders into your decree.

Provisions Relating to Child Support and Parenting Plan

The COURT FINDS that on _________ the Texas Attorney General Entered Orders for child support and a parenting plan under OAG Number ____________, and that the parties mutually agree that the said orders are in the best interest of the Child of this Suit.  The COURT FINDS that this Decree of Divorce wholly incorporates the said Attorney General Order as though it is listed verbatim herein, and that no part of this order disrupts the same. 

No other provisions relating to the Child of this Suit are rendered herein.