How the Cook & Cook Divorce Lawyer Service Works Anywhere in Texas, and is Online.

Cook & Cook Lawyers are licensed to practice law in Texas.  This means we can handle divorces online from Del Rio to Dallas to San Antonio.  The Process is the same and it goes as follows:

Step 1 of Your Divorce With Cook & Cook is Online:

 Hiring your lawyer to file your case is done online.  No in person meetings, printing, or driving is required for us to file your divorce.  We file your divorce electronically.  Whether we are in San Antonio, or Houston, the process is the same for us to file your case.

Step 2 of Your Divorce is Online:

 After starting your case, we send you several questions to your email.  This is our information gathering stage, and it is all done online.

Step 3 of Your Divorce is Online:

Our lawyers draft your papers and go over them with you online.

Step 4 of Your Divorce is Online:

We ask for your spouse’s signature, and he can notarize and sign the document, online, too.

Step 5 of Your Divorce is Online (With Some Exceptions)

All divorces are completed when your lawyer goes to a final hearing, where the Judge reviews all of the papers we have been writing and filing in your case, and the Judge then signs the final decree, thereby granting your divorce.

***Now, this is not done online for our lawyers because a lawyer has to go do the hearing in person.  However, in many cities of Texas, we can enable you personally to skip your final hearing all together and just allow your Cook & Cook lawyer to handle the hearing!***


Step 6

You just got divorced online, so celebrate the relief.  This divorce process works for uncontested, “part as friends” divorce cases.  Both spouse must agree on the terms of dividing assets, debts and kids and both spouses must be willing to sign the papers.  Pretty convenient when you are busy but still need a professional, fast divorce.

Warning-- This Divorce Process will only work if you have a part as friends, uncontested divorce.

Our online divorce processing does not work for contested divorces where spouses are not in agreement on any single term of their divorce.  To see more about what you have to agree on in a divorce, go here.

Why Use This Online Divorce and Not Just Local Counsel?

The Cook & Cook Law Firm has set up (this website) with the single purpose in mind, to provide the best possible friendly divorce process for the client. We have one goal, which is to offer a cost effective, gentle divorce. Most Firms are not focused on this type of friendly divorce.  Our prices are online, and in many jurisdictions are substantially more cost effective than local attorneys.  And, let’s face it, getting a divorce online is easier for professionals or parents who otherwise have to take time off to go meet a lawyer.  Many Firms do not use the technology needed to accomodate an online divorce, but we do.

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