How to win the house in divorce texas infographic

If the house was purchased during the marriage, the judge can award the house to either person or order that the house will be sold.

Here are some of the best ways to win the house in a divorce in Texas:

  • First, show the judge that you can afford it by showing that you make enough money to pay the monthly cost on the house.
  • You can support your ability to afford the house by presenting a chart to the Judge that shows your monthly expenses versus how much extra you have each month.
  • Make sure that you present an understanding of all the costs associated with owning the home alone so that the judge does not believe you are just asking for this on a whim.
  • Show the judge that keeping the house and not selling it will help the children because they love the house and it will give them a sense of stability during this uncertain time of divorce.
  • To win the house in the divorce, make sure to be prepared to pay your spouse their 50% of the equity in the house.  
  • Also if the judge awards you the house, you should plan on giving up something else in the marital estate.
  • realize also that if you cannot get the house refinanced in your name alone, the judge is not likely to award you the house.  It will help to show you can qualify for your own mortgage.

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