Top 100 Lawyer's Tips For Getting Your Domestic Violence Charge Dismissed

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·      Be careful on the 911 phone call as it is recorded.

·     Be polite to all police and jail staff but be assertive about not speaking without an Attorney being present.

·      Do not speak with the police about the event at the scene, in the car or at the jail.
·      Ask to speak to an attorney every time they ask a question, that is not your name or identifying information.
·      Never shout, be aggressive or threaten any law enforcement personnel.
·      Be careful what you say and do you as you are likely on video.
·      Do provide your correct name, date of birth, address, and phone number when asked.
·      Remember the Police are not your friend they are not there to help you.
·      If you are injured let the police know ask them to allow you to see medical personnel.
·      In jail be careful what you say your phone calls are being recorded.
·      Do not discuss your charges or the event with other inmates or arrestees.  Everyone is a potential informant.
·      Your jail visits are being recorded.
·      The Police may copy your outgoing mail do not write anything in a letter and expect it to be private.
·      Get bonded out. As soon as possible.
·      Hire the best quality Attorney that you can afford. 
·      Take Picture or video of the crime scene as soon as possible before it is cleaned. 
·      Take pictures and or video of your injuries as soon as possible.
·      Write down what happened as soon as possible.
·      Meet with your attorney to develop a game plan.


·      If ordered not to contact the alleged victim do not do so in anyway even though a 3rd party.

·      Do not say anything that can be conceived has threatening by any person.
·      Do not destroy or alter any potential evidence.
·      Follow all bond conditions.
·      Never write the Court or District Attorney about you case all correspondence should go through your attorney. 
·      Do not have your family write or call the Court or the District Attorney all correspondence should go through your attorney.
·      Do not get arrested for any new offense. 
·      Save financial records around the time of the event.
·      If you were not drunk or high get drug tested as soon as possible on release.
·      If your car was impounded take a witness to recover car and not condition.
·      If car was impounded take phots inside and out.
·      Do not dispose of or wash your clothing until okayed by Attorney.
·      Interview your witnesses as soon as possible record the interview.
·      Remain on good terms with alleged victim if possible.
·      Save texts and emails from the alleged victim.
·      Assume any phone call with victim or their family is recorded by police.
·      Record any phone calls or conversations with the alleged victim.
·      Get an affidavit of non-prosecution Do this trough your Attorney not the DA.
·      Get a specific affidavit of non-prosecution to use a trial.
·      Have Attorney Paper the file (File As many motions as possible).
·      Do not file pre-trial motions on your own behalf have Attorney do so. 
·      If willing have the alleged victim submit to a drug test.
·      Do not use any non prescribed or illegal drugs.
·      Save videos of the alleged victim.
·      Study the alleged victim’s social media.
·      Study the witnesses social media.
·      Dress business formal or business casual at each court date.
·      Call your Attorney 1-2 days prior to your court date.
·      Report to your bondsmen.
·      Attend scheduled meetings with your Attorney.
·      Review all police reports, photos, and videos, with your Attorney.
·      Plan to show up to court early.
·      Have pre-trial hearings to eliminate as much of the prosecutions evidence.
·      Make a list good witnesses to your good character, get names, addresses, and phone numbers.
·      Transcribe any video or audio of the incident.
·      Have Attorney Depose the alleged victim if appropriate.
·      Have Attorney Depose the police officers if appropriate. 
·      Listen to and understand all Plea offers and discuss them with your Attorney.
·      Understand the possible range of punishment for charges. 
·      Never enter a plea of guilty if you are not guilty.
·      Only enter a plea of guilty or no contest if your are convinced it is the right thing to do. 
·      Get the alleged victims prior criminal history.
·      Review the Indictment and Information (Charging Document) for errors. 
·      Have Attorney file motion to Quash Indictment or Information if appropriate.
·      Understand what the State must prove to convict you. 
·      Identify any lessor included charges that may apply to your case. 
·      Get an honest assessment of your chances to win a jury trial from your Attorney. 
·      Have Attorney prepare any special jury instructions prior to trial.
·      Get the any witnesses prior criminal history.


·      Cover your tattoos.
·      Don’t wear black.
·      Look the jury in the eye When appropriate.
·      Act as if everyone is watching you, because they are.
·      Listen to all testimony.
·      Never look Bored or Disinterested.
·      Never look angry, laugh, roll your eyes during testimony even of you think it is untrue.
·      Never be late or delay the proceedings in anyway.
·      Do not speak to or make any effort to communicate with jurors if you see them in the hall. 
·      Do not speak about the case to potential witnesses.
·      Make sure your witnesses look good and are respectful.
·      Make sure your witnesses do not speak to each other about the case especially in common areas.
·      Take Notes.
·      Speak to your Attorney only during breaks in the testimony.  (Whisper)
·      Be prepared to testify on your own behalf if it will help you. 
·      Study the jury sheet.
·      Identify Positive Jurors.
·      Identify potential leaders in the Jury pool note if they are likely to be positive or negative to your narrative.
·      Eliminate jurors with law enforcement backgrounds.
·      Eliminate jurors with prior experience with domestic violence.
·      Have Attorney File Motion in Limine to exclude any prior bad acts evidence.
·      If Found Guilty present witnesses to mitigate (lower) punishment.


·      File an Expunction.

·      Save your dismissal.
·      Be aware of all Appeals deadlines.
·      File Motion for New Trial.
·      Request trial transcripts as soon as possible.
·      Be prepared to post Appeal bond if necessary.
·      Hire an attorney for Appeal.
·      Meet all time deadlines.
·      Work on your appeal.



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