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The Best Guide on Filing For Divorce in Harris County

Before you can file for a divorce in Houston, you need to have already made the necessary divorce documents.  Note that “filing a divorce” is simple the act of handing divorce documents and fees to the local district clerk, thus giving notice to this district clerk that you are starting a divorce case.

Filing a divorce does not get your divorce finalized, or finished.  Instead, filing a divorce just merely starts the case.

In Harris County,  you have 3 Options for how to file the divorce.

  1. Option 1– A lawyer files the case for you;
  2. Option 2– File the divorce electronically;
  3. Option 3– File the papers in person.

Option 1-
 for Filing the divorce in Harris County:   Hire a Lawyer-$200 + filing fee

 When you hire us to file your divorce, you just have to click and file.

Remember, that this service is only to get your case filed (started).  Then, you will be expected to handle the rest of your divorce.  This step will only start your divorce lawsuit.

Remember, you can always hire a lawyer to help you continue the case, afterwards if you want!

The cost is $200 in legal fees plus the District Clerk’s filing fee $268-300 (when you use the form below, it will calculate your applicable filing fee)

Remember that Divorce Documents are Permanent Public Record, so Having a lawyer do

this for you, helps to ensure it is done properly! 

This Option 1 for filing the divorce will take about 5-10 minutes from home. 

Options 2 and 3 for filing a Harris County Divorce will take 2-8 hours (estimate only- includes document preparation and research time).

Total Cost of Option 1 (File with a Cook & Cook Lawyer, but you handle the rest on your own): $468-495.

Total Cost if you hire a Cook & Cook lawywer to handle your entire uncontested divorce: $1,500-2,500 (See price details here)

Option 2–How to File a Divorce In Person Yourself


You will need:

1. 1 original and 2 copies of your Petition for Divorce;

2. 1 Civil Case Information Sheet;

3.  One check for the filing fees of $295 (divorces with children) or $268 (divorces with no children)

4.  It is also a good idea to bring some cash and a credit card in case you are asked to pay for some addiitonal copies or use unplanned parking.

Our goal is to help you get this right the first time so that you do not have to drive home again for something you forgot.

Here is Where to Get the Documents 1-2 Above that You Need to File Divorce in Harris County

This is where a lot of people waste unneccary money.  Many people fall into the trap of hiring online form companies and paying them $149-$299 for forms that are “guaranteed” to be accepted by the court.  Do not waste money on these forms.  Free forms are available.

Document To File Divorce 1: The Petition for Divorce

1.  Petition for Divorce (without kids) provided by Texas Law Help.org |  Petition for Divorce (With Kids) provided by Texas Law Help.org

These template petitions are used by people that do not have lawyers.  You can also use a different form of Petition which the lawyers use.  You can learn about how to properly fill out a Petition for Divorce, and also about what a lawyer’s petition for divorce looks like, by going to this page of our website.

Document To File Divorce 2:  The Civil Case Information Sheet

2.  The Civil Case Information Sheet is located here:  Civil Case Information Sheet.  You can fill it out, save it and print it.

*This guide does not discuss having your spouse served with papers*  The only purpose of this guide is to help you get the case filed. 

Call a lawyer today.  We can help. (281) 503-4747

harris county where to file divorce
harris county file for divorce


Now go 201 Caroline, 2nd Floor, Suite 210. Houston, TX 77002.   This is where the Harris divorce case intake clerk is whom will accept your petition for divorce and filing fees.  The clerk will review your documents and if they are acceptable, she will stamp them and file them.  Your divorce case has started.


When you file the papers, the clerk will ask you questions about whether you are going to serve your spouse with papers.  The Clerk will direct you to go to the first floor of the Harris County Law Library at 1019 Congress Ave, Houston, TX 77002.

There are volunteer lawyers that are available from around Monday-Friday 9:00 am-12:00 pm to help you with understanding the next steps in your divorce case.

Here is a picture of the Law Library Building:

Contacting the Law Library

When going through this process, I know you will likely want to talk to someone on the telephone.  Harris County does not enable much access to divorce help on the telephone. The District Clerk’s line (713) 755-7300 will just lead you to an automated phone message that you need to go to the library in person to get help.

The most helpful telephone number to call is the law library: (713) 555-5183

Total Cost of Option 2 (File Case in Person): $268-450.  The price depends on whether you pay for the petition for divorce to be drafted by a company or whether you draft your own.  If you draft your own papers, then your only cost is the filing fee of $268-295.

Total Cost if you hire a Cook & Cook lawywer to handle your entire uncontested divorce: $1,500-2,500 (See price details here)



Call a lawyer today.  We can help. (281) 503-4747

Per Option 1:  Rather than hire a lawyer just to file the case, you can hire a lawyer to handle the entire case. You Can Click Here to hire a lawyer for the entire divorce case.