How Long Do personal injury lawsuits take infographic

About this Personal Injury Time in Years Infographic

While researching the cases, Google Scholar actually locked us out because we looked at so many primary sources, that Google thought we were a robot violating its terms of use!  

No one actually knows how long personal injury lawsuits take on average.  This infographic is just a snapshot of how long the most recent cases took.  These cases are on the long side because they involved questions that were appealed.  Some cases will run substantially longer or substantially shorter.

How long a case actually takes is also very hard to calculate because sometimes matters that are resolved on appeal will continue to be litigated at higher appeals courts or for new reasons.  For that reason, this map should be only used as a snapshot of worst case scenarios that have occurred in complex matters across the country.

The goal of Part As Friends® is to give access to data, resources, and information about how lawsuits are actually functioning or failing to function in the U.S. legal system today so that people can make informed choices about what to do when facing the crisis of a difficult lawsuit.