how fast is divorce in san antonio

A divorce can feel like a slow motion OR rushing waterfall in that your life takes something of a PLUNGE into the great unknown and the end of the divorce is your landing onto a new stream of hope.

We know that divorces can be scary and that learning the most about the process can help assuage your fears and get you moving in the direction that you need to go in.

A major concern that people have with their San Antonio divorce is always time.  They want to know how long do I have to be living in this sort of transition state of getting divorced because I can move on with my life.

My advice to you is whether or not you are having a Part As Friends, uncontested type of divorce or you are having a gigantic battle type of divorce, realize that life is still happening and you still get to live and breath today, and don’t waste your energy trying to live in a different day.  Try to embrace the positives on any given day. Sometimes, the harder you rush to get through a divorce, the worse the experience feels.  Don’t rush.  The divorce is important and it will take some processing work to get it done, no matter what. 

What can make a San Antonio Divorce in 2022 go faster?

The more terms you agree on with your soon to be ex, the faster your divorce will go.

The more experienced your lawyer is, the faster your divorce can go.

The better your lawyer is with using technology (or having a team that does), the faster your divorce can go.

Bexar County divorces can be as fast as 61 days if you have a lawyer to help you.

If you do not have a lawyer in San Antonio, you are stuck with a longer divorce because of the local rules which are set up to require people without divorces to have to wait in long “lines” where the staff attorney that works for the local court in San Antonio will need to review your documents because you can be permitted to go to court.

If you hire a lawyer that wants to help you settle your divorce faster, that can help as well.

The Cook & Cook Law Firm assures you that under our trademarked slogan “Part As Friends”, we certainly do want to see you settle your case and as efficiently as possible.

Attorney Justin Cook has an outstanding record for settling cases that seem like that cannot settle, and he would love to talk to you on a telephone consultation as soon as today. (210) 271-2800 or email [email protected].

What can make a Bexar County, Texas Divorce take a longer time?

If you disagree with your spouse about what the terms of the divorce should be, your divorce in Bexar County is likely to take at least 6 months from start to finish.

If you want a JURY TRIAL for your divorce (which is generally not advisable because of the time and expense involved), then you divorce can take longer than a year.

If you and your spouse hire lawyers that do not tend to SETTLE cases readily, then your divorce will take longer because your lawyer will not be as eager to have the case settle.

If you have a lot of property or assets, that can also slow your divorce process.

Strong emotions from either side of a San Antonio divorce, likewise can result in a longer process from start to finish because actions may occur which are based on that unresolved emotion rather than the goal of finalizing a lawsuit efficiently.

If you would like to start your case as a Part As Friends type divorce, which is a 61 days divorce process where both spouses agree on the terms, we would love to assist you.  Please call (210) 271-2800. 

Keep in mind that if you start your case off as a friendly divorce, and it does not turn out as friendly as you hoped it would, we can modify your service to a divorce litigation service where we will advocate for and represent you.

Due to the nature of divorce law in Bexar County, we are not permitted to represent both spouses.  We will try to help our own client, part ways as friends from his or her spouse by not pushing for unecessary litigation and by offering avenues to possibly resolve the matter sooner for you.



Divorce Waterfall Timeline Art by Part As, 2022.

Divorces can go slow or they can go pretty darn fast.