Why Some Divorces Cost $149 on the Web

You want to get divorced, and you need to understand your options.  You’ve noticed that when you Google it, there is a wide range of divorce prices that you come across on the internet.  If money is tight, by far the most appealing prices are the divorces that run between $149 and $299. There are a lot of appealing things about these types of divorce services when you start to research it.  You notice that they “guarantee” court acceptance of their forms.  They seem to have reviews on their site.  They offer lots of “customer service.” These companies are completely tricking people out of their money, and our newly onboarded clients tell us their horror stories using them, regularly.  But, to me what is worse is that sometimes people get through the whole divorce process with scam divorce companies, and then don’t know until years after their divorce, that something has gone wrong.  They did not actually get the terms in their divorce that they bargained for with their spouse.  No one ever checked.  The court accepts forms whether or not you are protected in them. One client told me just last week she thought she was divorced, and then learned that she wasn’t, which is why she hired us to handle her case. Texas requires that you attend a final hearing in order to be divorced.  Filing a divorce does not result in a final divorce.  Filing a divorce just starts the case. Form companies do not explain that to people.  Forms delivered to you in minutes, and ready to print do not get you divorced.  The administration of the forms, and a final hearing gets you divorced. The non-lawyer service is so cheap because it doesn’t include key parts of getting divorced. These companies’ advertisements are often in violation of the Deceptive Trade and Practices Act in Texas, and we expect that in time, they will be made illegal.

$149 Harris County Divorce Form Set

We at Connor & Connor are trying to provide you with a service that will get you gently divorced.  We want to serve spouses who are just parting as friends.  We want to provide you with the best divorce, no tricks about it. Our divorce lawyer service prices are located here, and our services include all of the steps you need from start to finish to actually get divorced in 60 days. Paying the money to have a lawyer handle your divorce can really help: 1.  Save yourself time and avoid stress; 2.  help ensure the case is granted in a timely manner; 3.  have a person that can set up your final hearing date; 4.  have a person that will lead you through your final hearing (remember, Texas Courts will not let you be divorced without a final hearing, and DIY divorce form companies do not provide you with assistance for this beyond a sheet of instructions). 5.  have a lawyer draft your divorce agreements so that they are contractually enforceable (remember, no one will check on this for you unless you have a lawyer.  Courts accept forms regardless of whether they are contractually enforceable.  The only way to ensure your divorce terms are written such that they cannot be violated by your ex is by having a solid divorce lawyer) No matter how many badges or verified reviews a non-lawyer tries to advertise on their website, they do not administer your divorce, or lead you through the most important day of your case, which is your final hearing in front of the Judge. But, all that said,  if you are determined to avoid the cost of a lawyer, to help prevent you from being tricked by non-lawyer divorce form businesses, we now offer a $149 Harris County Divorce Form Set. This will enable you to get divorced without paying for individualized lawyer help. Remember, as we said above, forms by themselves do not get you divorced.  Our Harris County divorce form set comes with county tailored instructions on how you can file your divorce, and finish your case. One advantage of our $149 divorce form set is that most non-lawyer divorce form companies do not tailor their instructions to your county of Texas, so the instructions are not nearly as helpful as ours. But, please understand this $149 Harris County Divorce Form set does not come with a lawyer to servce your case, and that is why the cost is $149 and not $1.5K.  Remember, paying the higher fee and hiring  a lawyer to understand your case will help ensure your documents are drafted not just in a way that the court will accept, but in a way that your spouse is contractually bound to, as you move into your new single life. If you buy our $149 Harris County Divorce Form set, and then later,  you want a lawyer to write your papers and administer your entre divorce for you, we will credit your $149 payment towards our lawyer service.  Now that is something a non-lawyer divorce form company can never offer!

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    • But, they don’t file the case. If they did, it would be a crime as filing a lawsuit requires a bar license. 10% 10%