How Do I Get My Court Date, and When is My Divorce Over?

agreed divorce hearing

Your divorce is over on the day that you go to court.  You are legally divorced in the moment that the judge signs your decree of divorce.  Learn more about the necessity to attend court here.

We will schedule your court date as soon as we have a signed decree back from your spouse.  The soonest day that you can be divorced is 60 says after the date that we filed your case.  Most Districts of Texas allow you to look up the date that your case was filed.  Learn more about that here.

What if Your Spouse Does Not Return the Papers Within 60 Days?

We will not drop you as a client just because you need more time to get a signature.  Our contract allows it to take 6 months.  If you still do not have an agreement, you may want to pursue other options to get divorced.

Your case number will not be dropped off the docket by the District Clerk for 12 months from the date you filed the divorce.

How Long Will I Have to Wait to Get My Court Date?

There is little to no waiting period for lawyers to get your court date.  We can set it within the week of receiving your signed signature page.