House Questions

When to use form: To help lawyer draft and understand your plans with the house and/or property in your divorce.  Fill out one packet per property.

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Waiver of Service

When to use form: When your client’s spouse is willing to sign a document to waiver service and you do not want to serve the spouse with papers.

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Free Divorce Decree Template Maker

Use this resource to easily create a custom decree of divorce template.

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Inventory & Appraisement Form

When to use form: complex estate division cases, contested divorce cases, when inventory is requested by opposing side, or cases when client needs consulting on options for dividing their estate.  The questionnaire is extremely detailed, and will give you a comprehensive picture of the finances of the couple.

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Income & Bills Statement

When to use form: To prepare for a temporary orders hearing, or to advise client on likely outcome of possible temporary orders hearing.

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In Depth Child Questionnaire

When to use form: To use for Attorney Client communication about child, when client needs to understand likely outcomes and options with child.

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Spousal Maintenance Assessment

When to use form: To help lawyer assess spousal maintenence factors and facts of case.

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