Here are 3 times when a court in Texas recently found cruel treatment had occurred and awarded one spouse more money than the other in the divorce outcome:

Calling Wife Names & Controlling Her Money Found As Cruel Treatment in Texas

The Court found cruel treatment in the Texas case of Orzechowski in 2021 where husband was calling wife demeaning names and controlling her money unfairly.

Physically Abusing Wife Found As Cruel Treatment

The Court found cruel treatment in the Texas case of Maria Fernandez where husband was physically abusing wife from the time she was prengant.

Mean Treatment Regarding the Dog Led To Finding of Cruel Treatment in 2022 in Texas Court

The Sue Schafman Case found that physical violence is not necessary to have a finding of cruel treatment.  There, Wife had endured cruel treatment from the Husband.

Wife was very close and bonded with her dog, Ginger. She further testified that after separation, her husband refused to allow her to see her dog.

She also testified that her Husband demeaned her, called her greedy and controlled the marital money.