Just Filed. What’s Next

Once you have received notice of your Cause number from Connor & Connor, your waiting period of 60 days has started.

The waiting period is the minimum amount of time that has to pass between the time that you file the case, and the time that Texas Law will allow you to be divorced.

The idea behind this law is simply that divorce really does change your status as married, and in a family with your spouse, to divorced and single.  Because this is a significant legal change, the Law does not allow it to happen any faster. You have to wait two months.

And, the Court takes this waiting period very seriously and will deny your divorce at the end if you try to get divorced any faster.

Some other states have year long waiting periods!

Okay, if you are at this point in your case that means that your lawyer has already drafted and filed a petition for divorce on your behalf.

If you are curious about whether your spouse will be served with this petition, please read more about that here.

Now, it is time to send Connor & Connor the agreements you have about how to divide assets, debts and kids.  You will receive a link to a property packet.  Please read it carefully and fill it out.  You have two weeks to get this done, to stay on track for your 60 day divorce.

If you have questions about how you can divide things, or any other question about your case, you can always email [email protected], and we will be glad to quickly assist you.