Choose Your Divorce Service

Basic, Basic Divorce PartasFriends Divorce (No Kids) PartasFriends Divorce With Kids PartasFriends Plus Established Estate Divorce
Special PartasFriends Divorce Processing to help avoid ugly divorce if possible X X X X
Divorce filed within 1 business day X X X
Divorce Done in 60 Days* (fastest Texas divorce permitted by law) X X X
Flat Fee Price X X X
Jurisdiction Assessment to Ensure Court Acceptance X X X X
No Need to Have Spouse Served With Papers X X X X
Spouse Does Not Need to Attend Hearing X X X X
Enforceable Divorce Decree for Asset Protection X X X
Client Will Have a Lawyer with 100+ divorces of Experience X X X
Division of Vehicles and Vehicle Loans Included, if needed X X X
Name Change to Maiden Name Included, if needed X X X X
Filing fees of $300+ included X X X X
Scheduling of Final Court date X X X X
Meet Lawyer in Court, Who Will Handle Your Hearing X X X X
Life insurance beneficiary designations X X X
Division of one piece of real property, with 1 deed if needed X X X
Assignment of investment Accounts to current holder X X X
Child Support (or agreement for no child support) X X
Parenting Plan (customized custody provisions as needed) X X
Additional Child Support Provisions Beyond Standard X
Spousal Maintenance or Alimony X
Business Divisions X
Divorces with more than 1 piece of real estate X
Divorces with trust or inheritance divisions X
Lawyer may be hired for other spouse to review papers X
Retirement account needs to be divided between spouses X
Case must be friendly, both spouses want divorce and are willing to sign papers X X X X
$1,300 flat $1,500 flat $2,000 flat $2,500 retainer ($200 per hour)


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What to Expect After You Submit the Form

  • A Cook & Cook Lawyer is going to open your divorce case, and get to work for you;
  • We will reach out if we have any questions about your submission;
  • After we file your divorce, we will ask you about your divorce agreements, and continue to process your papers, based on your needs;
  • Then we will send you a proposed final decree for your spouse to sign;
  • Then we will schedule your final hearing (no need for your spouse to go to the hearing).  Let us know if neither party can attend a hearing, and you need the entire divorce done online.  We can help.

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part as friends review