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Choose The Type of Divorce You are Hiring Cook & Cook For

($2,000 fixed fee $950 down payment  expedited divorce service,  some assets and liabilities, with 1 or more children) – See more details on what’s included here.  This divorce service is for couples who can agree on how to divide parental time/duties, assets and liabilities. Attorney Megan Cook will file the case, draft your documents, counsel you on options, and conduct your final hearing.

($1,500 fixed fee $950 down payment – expedited divorce service,  some assets and liabilities, with no children) – See more details on what’s included here.  ($1,500 fixed fee – expedited divorce service,  some assets and liabilities, without children).  This divorce service is for couples who can agree on how to divide assets and liabilities. Attorney Megan Cook will file the case, draft your documents, counsel you on options, and conduct your final hearing.

($2,500 retainer – $1,250 down payment – expedited divorce service- retirement, investments, more than 1 piece of real estate, businesses to divide, trust accounts, complex estates) – See  more details on what’s included here. Attorney Megan Cook will file the case, draft your documents, counsel you on options, and conduct your final hearing.  

All of the above options require that the spouses are parting ways as friends, or amicably.  If you have a contested divorce, please call us to discuss your options at the telephone number

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Where are you located?

Main Office is at 115 E. Travis, Suite 1620, San Antonio, Texas 78205

How long will this divorce take?

One of the best things about friendly divorces is how fast they are– 60 days is the fastest legal time Texas allows and if both parties cooperate, that is how long it will take.  If your 61st day falls on a weekend or holiday, the case may extend into the next week.

What is your process?

You can start your divorce online, using one of the above file divorce buttons.  A lawyer will look at your information, do a conflict of interest check, and file the case.  We will ask you some more details via email, or phone about your divorce agreements, and will draft your papers.  We will email them to you and you will ask for any changes or any questions you have as much as you need.  Once the papers are ready, you will both sign the forms.  Then we will bring you to court for a quick hearing.  Your spouse will not need to go.  

What if I cannot go to court because of work or long distance?

We likely can finalize the case by affidavit.  We will be happy to discuss this possibility with you during your case.

What if my case is not friendly?

The divorce costs listed above are only for cases where both spouses can come to agreements on the terms of their divorce.  These divorces are uniquely designed for people who need the protection of a lawyer without the hassle of a legal fight.  If your case is not friendly, we can still help, but the fees are substantially higher.  Call us to set up a consultation.

Who is my lead Attorney?

Megan Cook is your lead point of contact and attorney during your case, regardless of what county you are in.  The agreed divorce process is set up by Cook & Cook Lawyers who created this website and divorce process, designed entirely for moden convenience.  Traditional in person meetings are not required for these types of divorces, and most clients prefer to talk on the phone or through email these days rather than drive to the office.  This is why we are able to conduct divorces across the State of Texas efficiently for clients in other cities even though we are primarily located in Bexar County.

Bonuses that our divorce services automatically include.

Cook & Cook Many Other Places
We File the divorce within 1 business day of contract receipt Yes ?
Divorce done in 61 days* Yes ?
Law Firm Devoted to Agreements For Divorce Yes ?
File delivered in .doc Format to Client, to Use if Case is Not Agreed Yes ?
If You Cannot Attend Court For Accepted Reason, We Will Motion Court To Waive Hearing** Yes ?
Weekly Case Updates Yes ?
Draftsmen Attorney and Reviewing Attorney for Each Case* Yes ?
More than 10, Verified 5 Star Reviews on Google Yes ?
Prices Listed on Website for Your Convenience Yes ?
Up to 7 Hours of Client Support, at no added charge* Yes ?

*Timeline requires full cooperation from both spouses, and does not apply to default divorce cases, where a spouse is missing.

**We cannot guarantee that a court will accept our motion to waive your hearing.

***If case is extremely simple estate, a reviewing attorney will not be used, and only a drafting attorney will handle case.

****This 7 hours can include phone time to explain divorce law, or back and forth to revise your decree as you need, or just plainly explaining the divorce process to you.  You would be surprised how much support you might want, as you go through your divorce, and we are here to help.

Questions?  Submit here, and an Attorney will receive your inquiry directly.

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What to Expect After You Submit the Form

  • A Cook & Cook Lawyer is going to open your divorce case, and get to work for you;
  • We will reach out if we have any questions about your submission;
  • After we file your divorce, we will ask you about your divorce agreements, and continue to process your papers, based on your needs;
  • Then we will send you a proposed final decree for your spouse to sign;
  • Then we will schedule your final hearing (no need for your spouse to go to the hearing).  Let us know if neither party can attend a hearing, and you need the entire divorce done online.  We can help.

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Read our terms of service here (applicable to fixed fee cases)

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