What should you do if you don’t know whether you have a “part as friends” type divorce case?

In other words, yes you think you and your spouse may come to an agreement, and your spouse may sign off on papers, but what if they don’t?

We know that you have not been divorced from your spouse before, and so you may not be certain that everything will go smoothly.

If you start the case with our part as friends divorce service, we are immediately going to work on getting your final decree of divorce drafted.

Then, you will be able to present papers to your spouse and have a very clear idea of whether they will or will not sign these papers. You will also have an editable version of your decree now, such that whatever happens moving forward, you can use this customized decree template, and modify it to finish the divorce, as and when needed.

In other words, investing money in starting the case as an agreed divorce is often smart use of your funds, as opposed to assuming the worst, and paying thousands of dollars for a battle that perhaps was not necessary.

The steps that are taken in a part as friends divorce are steps that you take in any divorce process. So, even if you don’t end up parting as friends, your money will still have brought you several necessary steps closer to being divorced.

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