About Our $300 Divorce Lawyer Help

If you are planning on getting divorced without a lawyer to save money, we have a $300 option that may suit your needs better.

You can purchase legal help for one divorce problem at a time, rather than paying for the entire case.

This way, you don’t pay a lawyer for the parts you feel you can do on your own.

This $300 divorce lawyer service could help you with any one of the following examples:

1. Get your divorced filed today. ($300 fee does not include the governmental filing fee)

2. Get a deed to transfer the title of a house in the divorce;

3. Divide retirement accounts with the proper papers;

4. Keep your divorce terms from becoming public record;

5. Get your papers reviewed by a lawyer before finalizing them with the court.

And, many other issues.

We charge $300 for an hour of lawyer time with these steps, and we can help you make your DIY divorce better and smarter.

Use this link to hire us for your $300 divorce assistant.  We are texas divorce attorneys on standby.