Can you Get Divorced Without Court?

  • Actually, the answer is no.  In Texas it is impossible to get a divorced completed from start to finish without the signature of a Judge.
  • In order to be divorced, a decree of divorce has to be signed in a courtroom.
  • The only way to avoid going to court to actually be divorced is to hire a lawyer that will go to court for you. (still someone is going to court)
  • A lot of scam companies sell the idea of avoiding lawyers and avoiding court with their “guaranteed forms.”  This is a scam because the Judge has to sign the papers in court for the papers to be finalized.
  • Prior to the covid-19 Pandemic, it was very difficult in Texas to hire a lawyer to go to court to finalize a divorce for you.
  • Now, since Covid-19 caused many court systems to change to zoom hearings, it is easier to get a lawyer to finalize a divorce for you online, and therefore avoid your own personal need to go to court.
divorce without court infographic