Divorce Service Pricing

The following are current 2021 divorce prices of the Cook & Cook Law Firm, PLLC.

Prices For The Part As Friends Company Divorce (Uncontested Cases)

$ The prices below reflect COVID-19 changes: 100% of the friendly divorce occurs online in most counties through 2021.

$327 per month for Part As Friends divorces (180 days from start to end)


$950 down for fastest possible Part As Friends divorce (60 days from start to end))


Part as Friends Divorce Without Children: $1,859* (see below for additional optional costs)
Part as Friends Divorce With Children $2,359* (see below for additional optional costs)
Locations Served: Throughout Texas.

Contested Divorce: $5,000 retainer

*To do the part as friends divorce, your spouse must be willing to sign agreed divorce papers without formal mediation or litigation.

Free Consultation: (210) 271-2800

Review additional pricing details below.  When ready, click the below button to proceed to our divorce service order form.  Please keep in mind that we cannot accept your case if we have worked in any capacity for your spouse.  

For the Friendly Divorce, the Following Additional Optional Costs May Apply:


1. If there is an investment account that is going to be divided ($600 per investment account);
2. If you need a Writ for automatic child support withholding order ($315) (other methods of child support payments are included without additional charge);
3. If you require a business or trust to be divided or set up ($600);
4. +$300 per piece of real estate owned by either spouse except that one piece of real estate is included in the flat fee divorce.
5. +$1,000 if spouse is missing and outside of the U.S.;
6. +$830 if the Attorney General intervenes in your lawsuit;
7. +$330 per property lien or deed requested (optional service to client, and not required to get divorced)
8. If there are more than 2 vehicles in the divorce decree, +$200 per vehicle owned;
9. +$400 if you require agreed upon temporary orders to be entered OR custom custody provisions deviating from standard custody and standard parenting plan.
10. If your case does not come to a signed agreement within 3 months of the date of hire, we charge $150 per month to keep case opened and continue servicing file.
11. If your spouse hires a lawyer of record, this means that your divorce is no longer “uncontested”. Our retainer fee for a divorce with a lawyer on the other side is $5,000. If you elect to hire us for a contested divorce, we will roll your previously paid fees into your retainer fee, if we are able to offer our services at the time of your need.
12. You wish to have a separate contract listing your assets to keep these out of public record ($475 for AID).