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Why These Texas Divorce Lawyer Prices are Outstanding

First, we know you are busy, which is why we do not hide our prices, or change our prices based on how much money we think you have (yes some other places will do that).

Our website is at Part as Friends dot com because we are in the business of, whenever possible, not making you fight with your ex.

Instead, we help you get divorced because your married life has become too much of a compromise, and all people have the fundamental right to peace and the chance to be happy.

We base our prices on how many hours it is going to take our lawyers and staff to finish your divorce from start to finish. We already know a very close estimate for that amount of time, because we have finished so many Texas divorces in 2017 alone.

We are not hiding filing fees (often a $300+ bill to clients)– they are included.

We offer flat rates for small to medium sized estates, so that you are not billed by the hour.

Our entire online divorce process is designed for busy people that need professionalism and time-savings.  We only require you to leave the house,  for the actual date of your divorce to attend the final hearing.   Divorces can take place mostly online today, but there is still that final hearing to attend.  If a client has a court accepted reason, we can motion the court to waive your final hearing.

With all parties cooperating, your case is done in the fastest legal time Texas will permit, which is 60 days because we know that the last thing you want is a year long pending divorce case (which commonly happens in Texas)

We write your decree tailored to your individual needs.

Divorce Lawyer Prices – $950 down, $1,500 (total) + optional services 

Because we at Cook & Cook have handled hundreds of uncontested  divorces in South Texas, we know how many hours your friendly divorce is going to take us from start to finish.  Our divorce prices are simply based on the hours and resources needed for your case.  Our uncontested divorce services start at $1,500, with a down payment required of $950.  Cases with kids are $2,000, and require a down payment of $950.

The $1,500 divorce is going to cover all of your basic divorce needs.

Here is a list of OPTIONAL services that cost additional fees

  • +$300 per number of homes or pieces of real estate owned by either party in the marriage (added cost to run title search, verify legal description, draft deed if applicable, and draft other necessary provisions dealing with the real property in the decree;
  • +$300 for automatic child support withholding order (this is if you want child support paid through your spouse’s employer).  Other methods of child support payments are included without additional fees, but this particular method requires additional administration for the lawyers;
  • +$300 for alimony or spousal maintenance provisions;
  • +$600 per business that will be divided in the divorce decree (cost is because this will require substantial added drafting time by our lawyers)
  • +$600 per investment account or retirement account that will be divided in the divorce decree (cost is because this will require added drafting and added administration after the divorce)
  • $400 for a custom custody schedule (if you do not want standard custody, this fee will cover us creating a custome custody schedule for you to co-parent)

Regardless of add-on services, one huge benefit of our uncontested divorce pricing is that it is fixed fee.  This means that you can predict your exact lawyer fee before hiring us.

To check on the specific price applicable to your divorce case, use the below divorce price calculator: