Here is a free downloadable divorce petition for Texas cases that will work in almost all District Courts throughout the State of Texas.  This is free.  It is free because we hope it will simply help you figure out what filing a divorce looks like, and we want you to have less stress in trying to figure that out.

Divorce Petition Example (2022 .doc)

Here is a picture of the top of the download:

divorce petition example Texas 2022

free divorce petition example includes the following:

  • Editable .doc download of a complete Texas divorce petition (usable in 2022 and until laws change);
  • 3 page divorce petition for uncontested
  • Complete petition for divorce format that is acceptable to the District Clerk (be aware they may ask for additional forms or for standing orders in the local county to be added)
  • You can see that you do not have to provide a picture of your driver’s license (or even have a driver’s license) when you file for divorce.  Instead, you provide only the end of your social security number if you do not have a license.
  • There is a simple line in the decree that makes it easier to deal with the subject of service.  (when you have an agreed divorce, you can skip service of process.)
  • The petition does not list any fault in the break-up of the marriage which is the common approach to filing a part as friends divorce (uncontested divorce).
  • The petition enables the person to skip providing healthcare information upon the filing of the case, which makes the process easier.
  • This particular petition example includes a name change.

Do Not File a Divorce Unless You Are Really Ready

Although filing for a divorce is not that hard to do, make no mistake about the significance of the act of filing for divorce.  Do not file for a divorce unless you are 100% ready to be divorced.  Filing a divorce causes damage to a relationship.

Do not use the act of filing for divorce as a weapon to impose change.  If you want your spouse to change, go to therapy and spend time figuring out the root of the problems you are dealing with.

However, if instead you really want to be divorced, you should download and review this document.

Do not use this page or this document as legal advice.

You cannot undo a legal filing in the court system.

Is a Divorce Petition Public?

When you file a divorce, in most counties now because of the internet, other people can look up your name and see that a divorce petition was filed.  In that way, the filing is public.