Regardless of the price you pay, our philosophy is always the same; If you are parting ways, it is best to part as friends. But, if you have to fight because there is no choice, then fight to win.

Attorney Megan Cook is lead counsel to all uncontested divorces at this firm.  She can be reached at [email protected]

More About the $1,895+ Part as Friends Divorce

Our goal is to provide a gentle, friendly and convenient divorce. Except for the final hearing, all of your divorce takes place online.   You are also welcome to come to our office.

The process we offer for this divorce is listed here. We simply send you an email where you can hire us, or you can hire us by checking your price, then filing on our website. We handle the rest of your divorce. We send you questions via email that you answer. We coordinate, file and process the divorce. You approve of the forms, and we set up your final hearing and get you divorced.

The prices of this divorce are fixed fee. This means that rather than paying the lawyers by the hour, there are set rates for all pieces of the case.

Add on and Optional Fees

The $1,895 covers a basic divorce without kids. This includes the filing fee. With kids, the fee is $2,395. The $1,895 covers our division of one house (including real estate deeds if required), and real estate provisions for refinancing. The $1,895 covers car divisions, lien divisions, allocations of credit card debts, and basically all that a small to medium estate divorce case requires.

Because we are equipped to handle any type of divorce estate, no matter how complex, we have also set prices for various additional divisions that you may wish for us to draft. The prices are based on how long it takes us to write the closing documents for these parts of the divorce.

The Part as Friends divorce requires that both people are willing to sign the papers and agree on terms.   And, when that is the case, only one spouse (our client) attends the final hearing. The other spouse will sign papers before the hearing and does not need to go.

The following additional fees apply to the following optional services: (keep in mind that the benefit here is that these are fixed fees.  No unpredictable costs come up, as all add ons are listed right here).

  • The agreed divorce without kids is $1,895 and with kids is $2,395.
    The below listed optional services will add the following fees—( If any optional fees as listed in 1-13 below come up during your case, your lawyer will contact you and go over any options you have. Upon your conference with your lawyer, if you wish to pay for an optional service, your lawyer will send you an invoice for you to pay prior to drafting the documents requested.)1. If there is an investment account that is going to be divided ($635 per investment account);
    2. If you need a Writ for automatic child support withholding order ($315) (other methods of child support payments are included without additional charge);
    3. If you require a business or trust to be divided or set up ($600);
    4. +$300 per piece of real estate owned by either spouse except that one piece of real estate is included in the flat fee divorce.
    5. +$1,000 if spouse is missing and outside of the U.S.;
    6. +$830 if the Attorney General intervenes in your lawsuit;
    7. +$330 per property lien or deed requested (optional service to client, and not required to get divorced)
    8. If there are more than 2 vehicles in the divorce decree, +$200 per vehicle owned;
    9. +$400 if you require agreed upon temporary orders to be entered OR custom custody provisions deviating from standard custody and standard parenting plan.
    10. If your case does not come to a signed agreement within 3 months of the date of hire, we charge $150 per month to keep case opened and continue servicing file.
    11. If your spouse hires a lawyer of record, this means that your divorce is no longer “uncontested”. Our retainer fee for a divorce with a lawyer on the other side is $3,900. If you elect to hire us for a contested divorce, we will roll your previously paid fees into your retainer fee.
    12. If you need your spouse to be served with formal notice of this divorce, there is an added charge of $600. Remember that in an uncontested divorce, service of process is waived, so most often clients do not require formal notice of the divorce, but can opt to hire us for it as listed. 13. You wish to have a separate contract listing your assets to keep these out of public record ($375 for AID)

You can decide to add on these services at any time during your divorce, and do not need to decide on that in order to start your case with us.


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Attorney Justin Cook (depicted here) is lead counsel, and makes appearances for hearings, negotiation and mediation on the litigious divorce cases at Cook & Cook.

More About the Complete (“Fight to Win”) Divorce

The previous two divorce options are for uncontested divorces.  Uncontested divorces work wonderfully when you have a predictable situation where both spouses have been able to sit down and talk through what their divorced life is going to look like.

Uncontested divorce has its limitations though. The uncontested divorce does not assist you in coming to agreed divorce terms (assist you in deciding on how to share in parenting or divided assets). You are expected to have an agreement on your divorce from the outset, or be able to quickly come to an agreement. The Complete Divorce serves people who can benefit from litigation and/or more assistance. In other words, you may want to part as friends, but you need help getting to that point.

While the intention is not to be ugly, there is property to protect or negotiate for, or custody issues that need to be hashed out. Whatever the case, the Complete Divorce is structured so that we can help you through the situation, come what may. Served with papers? This is the divorce for you.

And, our Complete Divorce service has some very special unique qualities that make it perfect for certain people facing divorce. For one thing, our philosophy is that people should try to part as friends, which means that from the first day to the last, we are open and ready to suggest and find measures to settle your case, and let it all end. We want your case to be as short as you do. In this way, our goals are aligned with yours, unless you like drawn out battles in which case, we are not the right fit.

Having settled hundreds of divorces, we are extremely well versed at the possible ways you can structure your divorce outcome. In other words, we may have a solution that you and your spouse haven’t thought of.  

We believe that you should be cordial, and professional and try to agree. But, if it’s time to fight, we will fight to win. If you need a ready for anything type divorce lawyer, this is the right place to start with us.

More About the $855 DIY Divorce Package

When you search uncontested divorce, or online divorce there are cheap divorce form companies offering non-lawyer divorce services.  The companies offering these services fail to highlight some of the extensive shortcomings of DIY divorce.  So, to provide a more honest option, we too offer the DIY divorce, while also highlighting the issues you may run into when you handle your divorce without a lawyer.

We only want you to do a DIY divorce if there is nothing to protect in your estate. Otherwise, you need protection, whether other companies will tell you that or not.

Just as with the other DIY divorce form companies on the web, we guarantee that the court will “accept” our $855 divorce forms.  However, because your proper divorce is our utmost concern, we want you to understand that court approval of forms is not the only thing of importance when it comes to divorce forms.  The Court only checks your documents for proper “form”, meaning the necessary styling and statements are included to accept the divorce. The Court most often does not check your documents for substance, meaning when they grant your divorce, the judge has no idea whether you got what you bargained for in the divorce as relating to your children, debts or assets.

Nonetheless, you are stuck with the documents that were signed in the case.

So, the only time that it is a good idea to do a DIY divorce is when there are no assets or debts, and when the parties only need standard custody and standard child support. Any deviations from that calls for changes in document substance, which needs to be handled by an attorney.

Some DIY form companies will not tell you this, and they will offer to include your assets and debts, but they will not guarantee that they have drafted those portions properly. That is because they aren’t lawyers and they have no idea whether you have properly received your property. 

In addition, non-lawyer divorce form companies word their advertisements to sound like your divorce is done all online in minutes. That is not true. Your forms may be ready “in minutes”, but your divorce needs to be processed. And you are the one in charge of processing the forms. You receive instructions on how to do this, but no one processes the divorce online. The divorce is processed in person, in Texas, including the vital step that you must attend a hearing at the end to be divorced.

DIY divorce is not for people that have any assets, any debts (whether separate or combined), and for people who need custom provisions relating to co-parenting and custody.

As a lawyer, I feel a particular obligation to ensure that you know these risks, and if you understand them entirely and would like to go the DIY route, you can order that service here.

And, the good thing about doing this DIY service here, is that if this option doesn’t work and you end up wanting a lawyer, we can change your service to a lawyer run divorce package offered below. Also as you do your DIY divorce, you can hire our lawyers on an hour by hour basis ($300 per hour) to assist you.

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