We will need to create a complete list of your assets and liabilities, which will be presented during your case.

Download the Inventory Questions here. Remember to save the PDF to your computer and make sure that your entries are saving as you work.

*Note: When providing values for personal property, furniture, electronics, etc., do not put the value you paid for the items. The items should be valued at “Craig’s List” or garage sale prices. When filling in the values, think about the amount you could get for the item if you tried to sell the used item today

Then, for each asset and liability of the marital estate, we need documentation, to show proof of the same.

Examples of the types of the supporting documents we need:

Real property: CAD value printout; recent appraisals; comps
Bank accounts: Statement; online account printouts
Brokerage accounts/investments: Statement; online account printouts
Retirement/Pension/Deferred Comp: Statement; online account printouts; description of plan
Insurance: Statement; letter from provider with details about value, if any
Vehicles: KBB online printout
Mortgage: Statement; online account printouts
Automobile loans: Statement; online account printouts
Loans on retirement accounts (i.e., 401[k]): Statement; online account printouts showing loan balance due
Credit cards: Statement; online account printouts
Personal loans/unsecured: Statement; online account printouts

Due Date:

Within 1 week of receiving this instruction page, please email these documents to [email protected], putting in the body of the email the specific name of the asset that the document is supporting.  The more organized this information is, the less time and expense will be incurred preparing it for your case.