In the divorce, your spouse does not have to be your enemy.

Every day couples in Texas decide to go the “part as friends” route with divorce, and hire Cook & Cook to help them do it.

So, pick a divorce law firm that is designed for you to part as friends.

Lots of lawyers offer uncontested divorce services, but is that their focus?  Cook & Cook has built and entire online process and website, for couples who are parting as friends.  The divorce process is built just for those special, rare couples.

If you hire a law firm that wants you to fight, you may end up paying a lot more $$$.

Be aware that the philosophy of your law firm will be a reflection on you and will play a huge role in how much money you spend on the case.


Warning: even though you may agree on how to get divorced, you need a lawyer to write your papers.

There are fly by night DIY divorce services that advertise complete divorce forms for “$149” which you should very much avoid. Divorce documents are permanent public record. Read more about these warnings here.  Your divorce documents cannot be corrected just because you decided not to get a lawyer. 


Read here one of the many, many examples where the couple did not hire a lawyer, and could not fix major issues in their divorce papers even when they tried to appeal later.


For Your Convenience, Our Divorce Process is Online.

We serve busy people needing a convenient, smart and friendly divorce. Our website and online divorce process is among the biggest reasons to go the Cook & Cook route.

The only time you have to leave the house for this divorce, is to come to a two minute hearing at the end.  Your spouse stays home.




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Read more about our unique and convenient part as friends divorce process here.

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Part as Friends Client Review, Cynthia Estrada 09/28/2017 on Google My Business

We all know that divorce is hard, emotionally draining, and expensive. After a 12 year failed marriage, 2 kids, and a foreclosing home I was at my limit for drama and stress and not to mention funds were limited. I met with several attorneys, some for a “traditional” divorce and some for an uncontested divorce. All of them left me feeling more stressed out than when I got there. Being a newly single mom and working 50+ hours a week, I had limited time. Looking desperately online, I found Cook & Cook Law Firm. I submited my info online, was immediately contacted by Megan Cook and was walked through the process. My ex and I did not part on good terms, but we knew doing this the easiest way and least expensive way would be best for our kids. We designed our divorce ourselves down to property, debts, assets, custody, custom 50/50 visitation, child support, etc. They are EXTREMLY affordable and flexible. They filed right away so the time could start (60 or 90 days I don’t remember) During this time the ex and I went through a couple of drafts. Everything was done via email and phone, there was constant communication and guidance from Megan so I never felt lost. All my ex had to do was sign his name (he also did his part via email) When the required time lapsed, I was given my court date. I was met at the court house by Justin Cook (Megan’s husband and partner) He was very nice and personable and guided me on what was going to happen. We met infront of the judge, I did my 2 minute part and signed. Then we went down stairs where he obtained a certified copy of my decree for me. My ex didn’t even need to attend. Megan and Justin Cook turned my crappy situation into a positive experience. If you are looking for guidance, and are wanting to be in control of your divorce hire Cook & Cook. While there is no price to big for this kind of personal service, there is no need to worry because it will not break the bank.

Part as Friends Client Review, Ms. R. on 9/14/2017 on Better Business Bureau

This is the firm to go to in San Antonio. I am absolutely in awe of their employees from the front des,k to the attorneys themselves. Could not have made a better choice. My case was handled quickly and efficiently. Would refer a family member to them should the need ever arose.

Part as Friends Client Review, B.B.. on 9/26/2017 on Yelp

Divorce is extremely difficult, the best decision I made was hiring Cook & Cook. The entire staff is very responsive and will work the case as fast as you wish. Truly believe they are focused on providing you what you need without draining your bank account. This leaves more monies for the kids!

Part as Friends Client Review, Mercedes Florez on 9/19/2017 on Nearby Now

                                 Excellent Service, Great Price!
The service provided was top notch. Every question asked was answered in a timely manner. Cook & Cook are not only exceptionally proficient, they made it very easy to go through this process.

Part as Friends Client Review, Victoria Peres on 9/19/2017 on Nearby Now

                                 Amazing Service!
Everyone I have encountered at Cook & Cook has been simply incredible. I can’t give enough thanks to Angie who has helped me along this process and has continuously checked up on me. The service this law firm provides is simply out of this world. I can’t thank the staff at Cook & Cook enough!

Part as Friends Client Review, Joshua Gibson on 9/14/2017

                                 Amazing Service!
                                 Fast and easy
On the very thing that one wants to begin and end quickly (i.e. divorce), Cook and Cook made the process pass simply and quickly and they were very helpful answering my questions.

Part as Friends Client Review, Christine D. on 9/13/2017

 I needed my case handled at a near impossibly fast pace. I am absolutely blow away by this firm. The professionalism and service is beyond anything I would expect of a law firm. As a nurse that works night shift, I was able to contact my attorney via email during the early hours of the morning to get my documents drafted. I could not possibly be more satisfied.                              

We Serve Dallas.

We Serve San Antonio.

We Serve Houston.

Megan Cook & Justin Cook are your lead attorney and head point of contact no matter what city we are handling your divorce in. Our process is the same across all locations, and works almost entirely online for your convenience. It’s easy to reach us. We both share the same email: [email protected] .