Here is our completely unique online tool to quickly make your own free divorce decree.

This decree will only work for TEXAS DIVORCES NOT INVOLVING CHILDREN.  We do not presently offer this tool for cases involving children.

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STEP 3: Review decree template, fill in all blanks with your details, and delete red writing instructions from document. (DOCUMENT IS DELIVERED IN WORD’s .DOC format so that you can easily edit it).

texas decree template

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What is a Divorce Decree?

A Decree of divorce is the most important document in any Texas divorce case.  It is the final order of the court that not only grants the divorce itself, but lists the terms of the divorce case.  We have provided this template tool because the language is important, but the formating of the document must also be right.  Here is the starting language of a Texas decree of divorce….



Petitioner, {$spouse1}, appeared in person and announced ready for trial.

Respondent, {$spouse2}, has made a general appearance and has agreed to the terms of this judgment to the extent permitted by law, as evidenced by Respondent’s signature below.


The making of a record of testimony was waived by the parties with the consent of the Court.

Jurisdiction and Domicile

The Court finds that the pleadings of Petitioner are in due form and contain all the allegations, information, and prerequisites required by law.  The Court, after receiving evidence, finds that it has jurisdiction of this case and of all the parties and that at least sixty days have elapsed since the date the suit was filed.

The Court further finds that, at the time this suit was filed, {$petitionerorrespondent} had been a domiciliary of Texas for the preceding six-month period and a resident of the county in which this suit was filed for the preceding ninety-day period. All persons entitled to citation have waived service by entry of general appearance herein.


A jury was waived, and questions of fact and of law were submitted to the Court.

Agreement of Parties

The Court finds that the parties have entered into a written agreement as contained in this decree by virtue of having approved this decree as to both form and substance.  To the extent permitted by law, the parties stipulate the agreement is enforceable as a contract.  The Court approves the agreement of the parties as contained in this Final Decree of Divorce.


IT IS ORDERED AND DECREED that {$spouse1}, the Petitioner, is granted a divorce from{$spouse2}, the Respondent, and the marriage between them is dissolved on the grounds of insupportability.

Child of the Marriage

The Court finds that there is no living minor child, either born or adopted of Petitioner and Respondent and that none is expected.

Division of Marital Estate

The Court finds that the following is a just and right division of the parties’ marital estate, having due regard for the rights of each party.

Property to Petitioner

IT IS ORDERED AND DECREED that the Petitioner, {$spouse1}, is awarded the following as Petitioner’s sole and separate property, and the Respondent, {$spouse2}, is divested of all right, title, interest, and claim in and to that property….


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