My Divorce Decree is Ready, What Now

Once your divorce decree is in perfect form, and ready for signatures, we will email you the following instructions:

Hello, Please find enclosed your updated decree.  Let us know if you have any questions.

Again, once your decree is in a final form to your liking, and you do not have any questions about the document, we will need your spouse to sign and notarize the decree.

You may forward your final decree to your spouse to print and sign.  Conversely, we can print it and have it mailed to your spouse (may cause a slight delay due to the fact that mail is slower than email)

Then your spouse will need to return the document to us electronically via email or fax to 888-279-2507.

We will finalize your case with your electronic copy of the decree.

**Please do not return the original hardcopy decree to our office in person.**

Note, our office is locked at various times throughout working hours for hearings and meetings.

If sending an electronic copy of the decree by scan or fax is difficult, please mail the original document to our office.

You, as our client, do not have to sign anything until court.

Upon receipt of the signed decree, we will schedule your prove up court date for you. (send us proposed dates if you like (the hearings are usually at 1:00pm)

Your spouse will not need to attend court.  There will not be a long wait, so don’t worry we can get you in right away.